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  • Fresno, CA

    Our hospital serves 2.5 million people within 9 counties, averaging a daily census of 641 patients. We measure up with top hospita...

  • Fresno, CA

    We measure up with top hospitals nationally and are the 3 rd largest in California. Our hospital serves 2.5 million people within ...

  • Fresno, CA

    Urology/GYN Surgeries or hospital operating room:. Assist in the organization and daily function of the operating room in accordan...

  • Hanford, CA

    This inpatient position covers medical/surgical floors, ICUs and obstetrics/maternity services in rural hospitals. Bachelor's degr...

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    Perform all of the usual and customary clinical services of a physician specializing in pulmonology to include the diagnosis, exam...

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Hospital Jobs & Employment Information

Hospitals employ individuals belonging to various clinical as well as non-clinical backgrounds. Even though this discipline demands high level of education and professional training, there are a significant number of entry level hospital jobs to choose from. Whether you are looking to work at a physician’s clinic or are looking for any hospital jobs your entry-level position demands a minimum of a high school degree.

Nurse aides are able to find opportunities after pursuing a short training program after high school. They should also pass a state competency exam. An orderly with a high school education acquires most of his training on the job.

You may also apply for the job of a ward clerk who is responsible to perform a number of administrative functions within your assigned nursing unit. Also known as medical support assistants in many hospitals, they help maintain records, transcribe doctors’ orders and perform tasks of a receptionist.

The average annual salary as per Bureau of Labor Statistics for nurse’s aides and orderlies in 2011 was $25,420. Maids and housekeepers made about $21,440 per year and general maintenance and repair workers at a hospital earned about $36,930.