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Cashier Jobs & Employment Information

While performing a cashier job search you will realize that its basic responsibilities include acquiring and managing the cash flow at various merchandizing or retail establishments. This could include anything from a restaurant to a gas station, to a convenience store or even a movie theatre. As per statistics, about 25% of the cashier job hiring takes place in grocery stores.

In addition to collecting payments and generating bills, the cashier may also be responsible to check the proof of legal age where the establishment sells items such as alcohol and cigarettes.

In the year 2010, there were over 3.3 million cashier jobs in the US market. Even though the growth rate is lower than the average growth rate of all occupations, it is believed that the high turnover in this industry will result in plenty of openings. This career can be promising for individuals who wish to progress within the retail industry. What attracts many individuals into this job segment is the fact that it requires minimal or no academic qualifications or previous work experience.

With a median hourly wage of $9.05, a number of high school graduates find this opportunity quite lucrative.