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    If you like to be active in your job and the thought of sitting behind a desk or cash register for 8 hours a day makes you cringe ...

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    Responsibilities include providing mobile test management consulting to client IT and Business Executives to determine their busin...

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    Responsibilities include providing quality and test transformation consulting to client IT and Business Executives to determine th...

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    Geography as it applies to GIS; The GIS Analyst I position designs and produces selected thematic map data and applications of mod...

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    This allows everyone to learn our business from the ground up and understand how they play a significant role in seeing it succeed...

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IT Jobs & Employment Information

In the US, major entry level IT jobs and IT management jobs are found in the top 50 companies only. In fact, the best IT jobs can sometimes be found in non-IT sectors that rely on technologies for operating their businesses.

In 2010, there were about 300,000 computer and information system management jobs in the market. This number is expected to go up by 18% by 2020, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to this, the 900,000 software developer jobs will go up by 30% by the end of this decade. Jobs for database administrators are also expected to rise by 31% from 110,800 jobs, in 2020.

In spite of the 2008 recession, the market for IT jobs was significantly revived by 2010. Today, expertise in Cloud computing, Ruby on Rails and Java provide promising opportunities for IT professionals.

Common IT job titles include that of Database Administrators, IT Specialists, Support Technicians, Systems Architects, Computer Programmers, Network Engineers, Chief Technology or Information Officers.

The average salary of computer and information system managers in 2011 was $118,010. Software developers earned on an average of $89,280.