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    You will have the opportunity to work with attorneys across the Department supporting and advising the array of bank businesses. W...

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    Craft creative writing solutions for attorney clients from different geographies, backgrounds and legal practices....

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    As a pillar in the legal community, we help attorneys, paralegals and legal support professionals find great legal jobs across eve...

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    This attorney will be responsible for advising business leaders across the organization on privacy issues involving data analytics...

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    Summer interns assist Center attorneys, advocates, and paralegals with significant legal research and writing, field investigation...

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Attorney Jobs & Employment Information

Numerous attorney job openings are available for aspiring attorneys who complete their three years of law school. Also called a lawyer, an attorney job posting will either be for a general practitioner or one who may specialize in areas of real estate, corporate, civil, matrimonial, probate or environmental laws. Some advance to become a partner in the firm they join, while others join as faculty in law schools.

As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market for legal jobs is expected to grow by 11% by the end of this decade. It is important to note that the market for legal jobs in the government is primarily influenced by the budgets set by the local, state and federal governments.

The median salary of an attorney in the year 2011 was 113,310 US dollars. The highest earning members of the legal fraternity are essentially partners who work in large legal firms or in big cities such as New York.