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    Decagon is looking for a top-notch Software Engineer to help develop new web applications that support the sensors and systems cre...

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    Sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environmental monitoring experience a plus. The Technician performs other duties as needed re...

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    Enrolled in an undergraduate program, graduate program, or a recent graduate (within two years of graduating from an undergraduate...

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    Energy security, environmental quality, and economic opportunity. Research opportunities routinely become available at the US Fore...

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    Work within the Imerys Health, Safety and Environmental procedures. Analytical chemist (san jose, ca)....

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Environmental Jobs & Employment Information

Environmental careers are thriving in a myriad of sectors within the United States. With a number of entry level environmental job opportunities to leverage, a range number of scientists, specialists and even engineers are opting to venture into this growing sector. Environmental consulting jobs too have exhibited significant potential.

Environmental scientists and specialists essentially use their expertise in the natural sciences to pursue environmental protection. They are usually expected to work in office or laboratory environments and may also need to go in the field to acquire information on environmental conditions. To work as a scientist, you need to come with at least a bachelor’s in natural science. The average annual salary of an environmental scientist in 2010 was USD 61,700 per annum.

On the other hand, environmental engineers are expected to use principles of engineering for soil science, biology and chemistry to create solutions for impending problems. They too are expected to work in a variety of settings depending on the nature of their job. To become an environmental engineer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the related field and some practical experience through a cooperative engineering program. Average salaries in 2010 were USD 78,740 per annum.

Both these careers are expected to grow by 19-22% by 2020.