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    Must possess one (1) year prior armed security-related experience, law enforcement experience, or prior military experience with a...

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    The candidate will collaborate with hospitals, family members, significant others, law enforcement and will facilitate access to n...

  • Los Angeles, CA

    The candidate will collaborate with hospitals, family members, law enforcement, school personnel and significant others and will f...

  • Los Angeles, CA

    The Agency is committed to providing healthcare services to protect the nation’s health, reduce global disease and provide medical...

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    The candidate must be comfortable collaborating with school personnel, family members, law enforcement or significant others to fa...

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Law Enforcement Jobs and Employment Information

Law Enforcement careers involve protecting people, businesses and property from risks such as theft, vandalism, terrorism and other forms of crime. Some common law enforcement job openings include:

  • Police Officers – They are responsible for making sure law is enforced, conducting investigations of crimes and patrolling localities. In addition to this, they are also responsible for attending calls for help, providing first response in case of an emergency and writing tickets for traffic violations.
  • Security Officers – These officers are specifically hired to ensure security for people and properties.
  • Airport Safety and Transport Security Officers – Here, personnel are expected to make use of technologies to examine baggage and passengers for explosives, weapons and other illegal items. Their job is to identify criminals who intend to target the national transportation system.

Between 2010 and 2020, it is expected that jobs for police officer jobs will grow by 7%. However, attrition rate at the lower level is high due to low salaries. On the other hand, the security jobs are expected to rise by 19% during this same time period while transport safety jobs will go up by 10%.

With a minimum of a high school diploma, police officers earned $54,230 per year on an average in 2011.