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    **Description:** UNION JOB - Operates specialized equipment which measures and records electrical activity of the brain, periphera...

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    Home's electrical system will permit the grounding of electrical. Electrical equipment is free of recognized hazards that would ca...

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    ASVAB scores of 66 on General and 50 on Electrical. While tracking severe storms is the mission of the Hurricane Hunters, adverse ...

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    Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power mo...

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    Position Summary The Maintenance Manager reports to the Director of Operations, N.A.. This position is responsible for maintenance...

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    Sr GCS Technical Account Manager - 002DX6 Schneider-Electric is a global technology, software and consulting organization leading ...

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Electrical Jobs & Employment Information

Electrical engineering jobs entail designing, developing, supervising and testing of electrical equipment such as radars, navigation systems, motors, power generators and communication systems. Electrical job openings can be found with defense organizations, hardware companies, and companies manufacturing portable music systems and GPS machines.

Electrical engineers primarily work in industries that conduct significant research and development such as engineering and manufacturing firms. Their job entails mostly working indoors. However, you will be expected to make site visits for maintenance and troubleshooting requirements.

For this job you need a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Finding jobs is easier if you are able to showcase practical experience. Hence, your engineering degree with credit points for structured work experience is often valued by potential employers. Also, while applying, it is important to note that electrical and electronic jobs come with different set of responsibilities.

The median salary for electrical engineers in the year 2010 was $84,540. Electronic engineers on the other hand made over $90,000 on an average in the year 2010. Between the year 2010 and 2020, it is estimated that jobs for electrical as well as electronic engineers will grow by 6%.