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    Special Counsel is the world leader for legal and eDiscovery services. As a pillar in the legal community, we help attorneys, para...

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    Work with legal team to negotiate, draft and review privacy provisions of domestic and international client (MSAs, SOWs) and vendo...

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    Luxury Goods Retailer with business in North America as well as the Caribbean and Mexico is seeking a Counsel, Leasing & Retai...

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    Utilize the claims and legal advocacy group for claim administration and. Counsel as per established protocols and as directed by ...

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    Employ legal experience, legal research and professional creativity to anticipate and identify legal risks and opportunities;...

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Legal Counsel Jobs and Employment Information

General Counsel Jobs or Corporate Counsel jobs essentially involve working as chief lawyers for a particular federal or corporate department. Their main objective is to offer legal advice to these departments and represent them in litigation.

This work involves conducting significant research and analysis of legal issues and delivering arguments in court and drafting letters to other parties.

In addition to acquiring necessary law degrees and state specific licenses, the job of a counsel is acquired only after gaining significant work experience in a specific field or in law in general.

With an expected growth of 11% by 2020, the ever increasing stringency in compliance norms and evolving laws compel businesses to hire corporate counsels to ensure due diligence.

In the year 2011 the median salary of a lawyer was $113,000. However, depending on your experience and the size of the organization, you may be paid more or less. The best opportunities for lawyers exist in high-cost cities where most corporations and government offices are housed.