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    Requisition from clerical supervisor all unit supplies needed. Minimum of one year of previous clerical and unit clerk experience....

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    Position Summary: Work closely with Operations Team and Clients, collect operating data on all plants remotely from a centralized ...

  • Rockford, IL

    VP of Marketing to develop policies, goals, objectives and procedures for the clerical staff. VP of Marketing, as well as to provi...

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    Performs clerical and data entry activities related to patient care. Performs clerical and data entry activities, transcribes phys...

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    To be considered for this position please apply at:*A1758B57DDA246F...

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Clerical Jobs & Employment Information

Clerical job openings exist in nearly every sector in the American economy. Office clerks, sometimes known as administrative assistants are expected to perform a myriad of duties depending on the nature and size of the business. Administrative clerical jobs may be assigned to match the demands of office procedures which vary with each individual establishment.

The maximum number of clerical jobs exists in schools, government agencies, healthcare institutions and legal firms. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand of clerical jobs is expected to go up by 12% by end of this decade. Within the decade between 2010 and 2020, there are expected to be 500,000 new clerical jobs in the market.

Typical responsibilities include a combination of answering phone calls, managing books of accounts, stenography, and word processing, operating office equipment and filing reports. To meet the demands of modern day work environments, some clerks are also expected to handle more complex accounting and project management related tasks.

A typical clerical job pays over $31,870 annually, with an exception to those in the legal or medical industry who earn higher. The top 10% of clerical professionals are known to earn over 47,670 USD.