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  • Oakdale, MN

    Chef will negotiate with vendors to establish fair pricing and high quality. Chef will have awareness of local, state and federal ...

  • Minnetonka, MN

    We offer FREE Breakfast, Lunch and snacks from our amazing Healthy Balanced Menu prepared by our onsite Chef. Join our family of q...

  • Prior Lake, MN

    Keystone Senior Living is looking for an executive chef to lead our kitchen in providing quality meals to our residents....

  • Minneapolis, MN

    Gaucho Chef ( Churrasqueiro I). Churrasqueiros, Churrasquiero, Gaucho, Brazilian Hospitality, Brazilian Steakhouse, Brazilian Rest...

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Chef Jobs & Employment Information

The 600 billion dollar food business in US offers tremendous opportunities for those looking for private or personal chef jobs in independent and chain restaurants as well as cafeterias in offices, hospitals and schools. Private chef jobs can be leveraged through over 200,000 restaurants that exist in the United States. Furthermore, it is ideal to concentrate your chef job search in the 50 largest food services companies that account for 20% of the revenue this industry generates.

Within the food services industry the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be about 162,000 more jobs by the end of this decade. This is relatively less compared to the average exhibited by all other job fields.

To be able to build a career as a chef, it is best to enroll with a leading culinary school for enhanced prospects. After this you may apply for an apprenticeship or for the position of a station chef or second chef. Eventually, you may progress to the position of Executive Chef.

The Executive Chef is known to earn the highest salaries within the hierarchy of a kitchen staff. Head chefs on the other hand ear between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.