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    BS in computer science or a related field. Thornburg Investment Management is a privately-owned global investment firm that offers...

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    Solid communication skills—including exceptional writing ability, organizational skills, and computer skills.  *Job Des...

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    Basic computer knowledge. Youth Villages’ Residential Treatment programs serve children with emotional and behavioral problems....

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    Basic computer knowledge. Our YVLifeSet Specialists provide their 18-22 year old clients with the knowledge to utilize all availab...

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    Basic computer knowledge. Our Intercept program serves a broad population of youth, including those involved with multiple child-s...

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Computer Jobs & Employment Information

With about 100,000 companies that form the IT industry in the United States, computer science jobs are known to offer the highest professional prospects. However, it is important to note that majority of the computer technology jobs that exist in the US market belong to the 50 largest companies, which also bring in 50% of the revenues for this 290 billion dollar industry. With significant demand for entry level computer jobs, the IT sector is considered the most thriving of industries in the US at the moment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2010, there were over 300,000 computer and information system managers. This figure is expected to grow by 18% by the end of this decade. Simultaneously, there is expected to be a 30% growth of software development jobs by 2020.

Common computer jobs include that of IT specialists, systems administrators, systems architect, software developer, computer programmer, and network engineer among many more. The median wage of a computer and information systems manager was $118,010 in the year 2011. Subsequently, application software developers earn an average of $89,280 annually.