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    The Arora Group is an award-winning, Joint Commission-certified nationwide healthcare services company that, for over 25 years, ha...

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    Interim HealthCare of Nepa*. Available Interim HealthCare of Nepa is bound to have an opportunity for you.Contact us today to lear...

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    Including data processing, healthcare solutions, HR benefits management, finance support, transportation solutions, and customer r...

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    Whether you want to stay close to home or travel around the country, Trusted Nurse Staffing can open the doors for you to some of ...

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    + Knowledge of community resources and the ability to carry out nursing responsibilities in diverse settings under difficult situa...

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Healthcare Jobs & Employment Information

The aging of the ‘Baby Boomers’ has played a crucial role in the growing demand for healthcare services in the United States. Most opportunities in this industry include clinical care. However, options such as healthcare administration jobs are also quite lucrative. Other healthcare job searches worth performing include that of medical transcriptionists and medical records managers.

Employment in this sector exists for nearly all kinds of people with varied academic backgrounds. Orderlies, for example are able to find opportunities with only a high school diploma. On the other hand, physicians are expected to acquire the pertinent four-year medical degree, internship and residency before they can start practice.

You can also find a number of state licenses, continued education requirements and certifications for specific disciplines within healthcare.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is believed that by the end of this decade, Physical Therapist jobs will go up by 39%. Also, Medical Assistants are expected to see a job growth of 31%. Licensed practitioner nurses, pharmacists and registered nurses are all going to see job growth ranging between 22 and 26%.

Among the various healthcare careers, pharmacists make the most at $113,390 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics records in 2011.

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