Mortgage Analyst Job Description

Responsible for analyzing financial and supporting documents on incoming applications consistent with internal and insurer policies. Evaluate property values based on appraised market prices and recommend or deny mortgages to clients after examining financial status.
Primary responsibilities
  • Develop and produce a mortgage portfolio for the commercial or consumer market.
  • Analyze financial information including operating statements and net worth statements to determine appropriate loan size, terms, and pricing.
  • Review various reports including appraisals, environmental documentation, and engineering reports to determine compliance with investor requirements.
  • Evaluate mortgage loan requests in order to approve or deny applications.
  • Determine property values based on appraised market prices and the borrower’s credit worthiness.
  • Administer mortgage and other secured loan products as per approved amount levels and in accordance with lending policies.
  • Investigate credit ratings with credit bureaus and reporting agencies.
  • Submit regular credit and loan consumption reports to management.
  • Visit borrower properties and homes for verification and evaluation

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