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Issue #20 : February 2013

In this issue we focus squarely on the job search, from the current outlook of the labor market to opportunities some of you may wish to pursue.

As we outlined in our January Jobs Report blog, the unemployment outlook continues to improve. With a current unemployment rate hovering below 8 percent (7.9 officially in January) and better than expected jobs added last month (+157,000), many job seekers are able to capitalize on the improved market to seek employment. Unfortunately, the picture is not good for all Americans. This month we begin our series dissecting unemployment characteristics of select sectors of the labor market, such as veterans and disabled Americans, to name a few. In Veterans among Several Work Groups Facing Unique Challenges, we look at those transitioning from military service to civilian work and the obstacles – and opportunities they face.

Like many of you, mobile applications are becoming part of everyday routines. Companies recognize this and are capitalizing on mobile apps to promote their products and services. The Labor Department is following suite. Read Mobile Apps to Make the Job Search Easier to review the five new mobile applications the Bureau of Labor just released; some of these may prove useful in your job search, in addition to AJE’s mobile App for iPhone.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Lesiw, Vice President of Business Development of Careerleaf, a job board community connecting job seekers with niche job boards like ours. Our discussion began with the many benefits of the AJE job board, to our expansive history dating back almost twenty–years as we helped spawn the adoption and popularity of Internet-based job boards. Read and list to our Jobs Boards to Love Podcast feature to learn more. It’s a great look at our history.

And to end this month, we’re pleased to highlight an opportunity for job seekers in the Crystal Lake, Illinois area. Covidien Medical Supplies, a valued customer, will be hosting a job fair, where they will promote over 100 plus openings for individuals who have experience in manufacturing, maintenance, engineering and quality assurance. For more information, visit here.

As always, if you are currently in the job search process – or are looking for useful information to assist you in your career path, be sure to visit us online at where there are Jobs for Everyone.

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