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Issue #22 : Summer 2014

The employment outlook for the rest of the year is a whole lot better than it has been anytime in the past five years. In fact, the U.S. economy has now regained almost all the jobs it lost during the great recession, and on track to add new. A recent Manpower Employment Outlook Survey finds a robust hiring outlook for the third quarter with almost 22% employers planning to add new jobs compared to only 4% looking at staff reductions - a historic low for the survey. This is indeed great news for those looking for a new or better job. So, while summer is just around the corner, there is no need to pause - it is actually a great time to look for a job. I hope you read the article 'Don't Slow Down during Summer!' Put together by our experts and feel energized.

Now, if you have been out of work, whether it's for an injury or to be a caregiver or because of a layoff, you might be worried that the going is going to be tough for you. Yes - it might seem daunting, but there are a lot of resources out there to help you overcome the fear. A job search to get back to work after a career break is not much different from any job search, but demands some specific steps to be effective. So, make sure to check out what our experts say on this topic. The government has also implemented new regulations that require companies doing business with the federal government to step up efforts to reach out and hire veterans and people with disabilities. Many corporations have, in fact, implemented specific programs to reach and hire such candidates. If you are a veteran job seeker or a candidate with a disability, now is absolutely the time to go full-steam with your job search.

Nowadays new technologies are also making it easier to conduct a job search. For instance, you can network quite effectively using social media and build a social presence that can draw attention from the recruiters or hiring managers. I suggest that you carefully read the article on how to leverage social media for an effective job search, and use some of the recommendations to enhance your chances of finding that dream job. Technology, these days, makes it possible to interact face to face with recruiters and hiring managers without leaving the comforts of your home. Check out our article on virtual job fairs and how to use them to meet and network with recruiters and hiring managers 'face-to-face' on the Internet.

A systematic job search that includes active networking will increase your chances of that coveted interview. An interview is where you can make your resume come to life with a dimension missing from the hard resume copy- your personality. So, like everything else in life, thorough preparation for that interview is critical. There is competition out there and you want to show that you are the one that is right for the job! Make sure you are prepared by reading the article on mistakes to avoid during an interview. If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation by your employer, the interview is also the time when you may wish to talk about it. Read about how to disclose a disability during your interview. You should know that the government has revised the regulations to ensure that you are not discriminated for a job due to a disability. Many employers, especially federal contractors are required to provide accessible websites and application processes, as well as to provide an accessible workplace so you can succeed. So, what are the best job hunt strategies for the disabled? Check out this blog by our expert, and read through other information available in our disability job exchange.

If you are a veteran, you might also find a lot of competition for jobs as thousands of veterans return from active duty and look for employment. Then again, there is no need to be discouraged if you are having a tough time finding that right job as numerous organizations have dedicated a lot of resources to assist veterans. At America's Job Exchange we have launched a job site specifically designed to help veterans ( with tools and resources for a successful transition from the military to the civilian workforce. The government has also revised the regulation requiring companies that do business with the federal government to do more in terms of identifying and reaching out to the veterans to improve job opportunities for them, and companies are taking action.

So while the summer is here, the lazy days of summer don't have to put your job search to sleep. Don't slowdown; instead shift your gear higher and accelerate your pace. But wait - before you start, make sure to read this blog on the best moves to land that job in 2014 and refresh your strategies.

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