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The most meaningful achievements are inspired by the pursuit to find a better way to solve problems, save time, money, effort, and most importantly, human lives. If that is where your priorities rest, Sysmex is the perfect place to build your career. Believing in the power of people, we take pride in providing quality service and encourage our entire team to find a better way: The Sysmex Way.

What we do at Sysmex sounds rather complex. We are a global leader in the design and development of high quality, reliable and innovative clinical diagnostic hematology, coagulation and urinalysis analyzers and information systems. Still, the impact we make is easy to see. We help to positively affect patient care by providing laboratories with systems that help them work smarter.

Recognized worldwide for offering innovative diagnostic solutions and information management systems, we are dedicated to achieving critical breakthroughs in laboratory diagnostics, information technology, workflow analysis and life sciences for the clinical laboratory. We leverage our global resources to emphasize research and development, resulting in a line of exceptional products and services.

Do you want to become part of something truly meaningful? You have found a better way: The Sysmex Way.