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Pressure Vessel Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for promoting safety by inspecting the construction, installation, and maintenance of boilers and pressure vessels.

Primary responsibilities

  • Inspect pressure vessels to determine conformance with safety laws and regulations.
  • Inspect materials and evaluate design, fabrication, installation, and operation.
  • Perform tests to verify condition of equipment.
  • Test meters and gauges.
  • Determine extend of corrosion cracking.
  • Evaluate safety devices, regulators, construction quality, and riveting, welding.
  • Examine safety valves.
  • Preside over installation tests.
  • Record and prepare reports of inspections and investigations.
  • Examine and verify permits and inspection records.
  • Determine inspection schedule.
  • Recommend actions to correct safety hazards.
  • Inspect and evaluate gas mains to determine that rate of flow, pressure, location, construction, or installation conform to standards.
  • Document and investigate accidents.
  • Confer with engineers, manufacturers, contractors, owners, and operators.
  • Follow up on owners with violations.

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