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Revenue Agent

Job Summary

Responsible for performing account work for the Internal Revenue Service and equivalent agencies. Examine and prepare income, sales, and tax returns for large businesses and corporations.

Primary responsibilities

  • Prepare returns for large companies and corporations.
  • Perform accounting work for the IRS.
  • Audit returns for accuracy.
  • Examine small business returns.
  • Work in different industries, including construction, retail sales, or finance, insurance, and real estate.
  • Perform accounting work for multinational businesses.
  • Keep abreast of the lengthy, complex, and frequently changing tax code.
  • Utilize computer technology to access legal bulletins, IRS notices, and tax-related court decisions.
  • Analyze data and identify trends.
  • Identify tax offenders.
  • Use revenue adjustment reports forwarded by the IRS to determine whether adjustments made by Federal revenue agents affect a taxpayer's taxable income in the eyes of the States.
  • Consider the sales and income taxes for their own States.
  • Perform field audits or office audits of financial records.
  • Examine financial records of individuals.
  • Apply local tax laws regarding income, utility fees, or school taxes.

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