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  • How do I find a job?
  • You can search for jobs from the AJE home page using the ‘What’/‘Where’ boxes at the top. To run a search, type keywords, such as your desired Job Title or Skills into the ‘What’ box and enter a city, state or zip code in the ‘Where’ box. Click the ‘Find Jobs’ button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Selecting a state will search our database for Statewide Jobs. Not selecting any location will search our database for Nationwide Jobs. You can conduct a search without a location too.

    For additional search criteria, try our Advanced Search.

  • How much do the jobs on AJE pay?
  • AJE is an online job portal which primarily caters to the middle income group. Though you may find jobs in a higher or lower salary range, most of the jobs are in the $40,000 to $60,000 bracket. However, to get the accurate information on the salary range, it is advisable to contact the respective employer advertising their position on our website.

  • What requirements do international applicants need to fulfill?
  • Ideally international applicants need to have a valid work permit in the United States of America. They need to register on America’s Job Exchange and then apply for the displayed position. It is the employer’s prerogative, whether or not to process the work permit for the international applicant as AJE does not advocate or facilitate the same at any point.

  • I’m unemployed. How do I get started on AJE?
  • To get started, you should create an online account, providing as much information as possible. After successful registration, you should create or upload a resume, cover letter, and job scouts (email alerts) to keep you on top of all the jobs that you may be qualified for. Furthermore, you can search for and apply to jobs on the website. Please note that you do not need to have an online account to search for jobs on AJE.

  • I found a totally bogus job! Now what?
  • On the Job Details page, click the link on the right hand bottom corner saying ‘Report this job’. Fill out the form with the request details and comments about the job. These jobs are reviewed by our Customer Service team and verified with the respective employer. The job is then corrected or removed as a result. If the job has been flagged due to a non functional ‘apply’ link, the correct link is obtained from the employer and the job seeker to be contacted.

  • How can I use advanced search operators to search for jobs?
  • Through the Advanced Search options, you can narrow down your search in addition to ‘what’ and ‘where’ by using one or a combination of the following criteria:

    • Company name
    • Duration of the job posted
    • Educational and Experience level
    • Job type and salary range

    You can also search for jobs in niche categories like Disability jobs, Veteran jobs and also jobs by State.

  • How do I search using a Job ID?
  • A job can be searched for by using one of the following unique ID numbers:

    • Company Job ID
    • AJE Job Number

    Go to Advanced Search and click ‘Employers, Search for your jobs’ just below the ‘SEARCH’ tab. Select the kind of Job ID you have from the dropdown available and then fill in the job id number and click on ‘Search,’ and your job will be displayed.

  • How do I apply to jobs?
  • Once you have found a job of your choice, click on any one of the apply buttons on the page. Follow the instructions given.

  • How can I block a particular company from appearing in the results list?
  • Blocking a company from search results on the website is not an available feature. However, if you are looking for jobs in a specific company, you may use our Advanced Search option to search for those.

  • Can I look for jobs only within a specific salary range?
  • Yes, one can look for jobs with a specific range. You need to go to Advanced Search option and fill in the desired salary range to get all jobs in that precise salary range.

  • Can I use education as search criteria?
  • Yes, you can. In the Advanced Search option you have the option of putting in the required educational criteria for the jobs you want to search for

  • Can I search by type of job?
  • Yes, you can search for jobs by type in the Advanced Search section. You can choose the type from the drop down available as per your requirement.

  • Can I search for international jobs on AJE?
  • Jobs posted to AJE are for openings in all 50 states. You cannot search for international jobs on the website. You may, however, come across international jobs during your search and you can apply on them as well.

  • Can I search in a geographical area?
  • Yes, you can define the geographical area by state, city or ZIP code, and search for jobs located within a radius ranging from 5 miles to 100 miles. This option is available in the ‘Advanced Search’ page. You can also search jobs with our state job exchanges for your specific state.

Applying to Jobs Applying to Jobs

  • How do I apply to jobs?
  • Once you have found a job of your interest, click on the apply button. This will take you to a page that will provide the method of contact that the employer has chosen for the job. It could be an Online URL, which will guide you to the job details in the employer career page. Other methods of application include, sending your resume by email, mailing your resume to an address, or calling up the employer.

  • Why do I have to go to the employer’s website to finish applying for a job?
  • AJE is a facilitator in this respect and has the responsibility to reach out to maximum potential candidates like you through our job portal. Some employers require tracking all applications coming to them through their own reporting tool. To capture and process that data, they require all job applicants to reach out to their career portal

  • Can I apply for a job through AJE if I don’t have an email address?
  • Yes. While there are features that are only available to job seekers who have created an account on AJE, it is not required to apply for most jobs.

  • How can I contact employers?
  • The preferred method of contact for employers is usually the method of application displayed on the Apply Page. This can be an Online URL, an email address, a phone or fax number or even a mailing address. If you have questions about a job opening, you can contact employers by either applying for the job opening on our website or obtain the contact details of the employer on their website.

  • An employer I applied to told me they’re not accepting applications. Why is the job on your site?
  • There are rare occasions that you will come across such a situation. The possible reason is that the position has already been filled at the employer’s end and they are in the process of removing that job from our website. There is a short interim period for this removal to come into effect and you might have applied for the job in that window.

  • How often should I check back and apply for new jobs on AJE?
  • New Jobs are added to AJE every day. Ideally you should check back on a daily basis to get the best results. You can also create job scouts to keep yourself informed of all the relevant new jobs coming in.

  • How do I attach my resume to a job I’m applying to?
  • To send a resume to an employer via AJE, you will need to create the resume online or upload one into your account. Please see "How can I post my resume to the site" for instruction on how to do this.

  • Why am I unable to apply for a position?
  • There could be a couple of reasons for that. The position may be already filled at the employer’s end, hence the position is closed. The link to the job on the employer website could be broken. In this case, please flag the job and we will request the employer to contact you directly.

  • I clicked on a link in an email and came to an expired job on your site. What do I do now?
  • Since the job is expired, you will not be able to apply for this job. There will be a link right below the Job Title, Company Name and Location that says "This job is no longer active. View similar jobs". Clicking this link will direct you to jobs with a similar job title in the same area. You can also conduct a fresh search by clicking on the America’s Job Exchange logo and going to the home page.

  • Can I still apply to expired jobs?
  • Jobs usually expire when the employer has closed the position. Therefore, you cannot apply for an expired job.

  • What happened to the job I was looking at?
  • If you can't find a job that you previously viewed on AJE, it is possible the job has been deleted. Only active jobs will appear in job search results. All jobs can be bookmarked as they have unique URLs and can be accessed at any time. We recommend that you do this if you see a job that interests you.

Resumes Resumes

  • How can I post my resume to the site?
  • Resumes can be added to AJE using two methods. If you have an existing resume, you can upload it to the AJE database for employers to consider. You can always upload an updated resume at any point of time after your registration and have up to 5 resumes in your account

    To upload your resume Login to your account > click on ‘Resume Upload’ from the ‘My dashboard’ panel on right and follow the instructions.

    You will need to provide the following information in addition to the resume file:

    • A Resume Title and Resume Summary.
    • Desired salary range (optional)
    • Desired job location (mandatory)

    Compatible file formats include Microsoft Word files (.docx) and (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf) or plain text files (.txt). The maximum file size allowed is 250 KB. If you do not have an existing resume and would like to create one, AJE provides a tool called the ‘Resume Builder’ that asks you for all relevant information and creates the resume for you. Creating a resume through the Resume Builder or uploading one is a completely free service. You can have only one active resume at a time, which will be searchable by employers.

  • What is Resume Builder?
  • Resume Builder is a tool, which helps you document your resume in a chronological manner with all details in case you do not want to upload a word document.

  • Why do I need to provide a ’Resume Summary’ when creating or uploading a resume?
  • A strong Resume Summary is the most important part of your resume. Keywords that are added here are used by employers to find and shortlist your resume. Using concise statements that showcase your important achievements, qualities and skills is highly recommended.

  • Do you distribute resumes to other websites?
  • AJE does not distribute your resume to other websites. Our partner ‘Resume Rabbit’ does offer this fee–based service at a subsidized price to AJE users.

  • Can my current employer see that I’m looking for a job?
  • The information included in your resume is available for AJE employer to view. If your resume was created online, through AJE’s Resume Builder, you do have the option to display your current company name as ‘Confidential’. To do this, simply check the flag that says ‘Make employer name confidential’ under the Job History section. This option is not available on uploaded resumes.

  • How do I make my resume inactive without deleting it?
  • Login to your Job Seeker account and go to ‘My Resumes’. Select the resume that you would like to deactivate and click the ‘Deactivate’ the button below. The deactivated resume will remain in your account but will not be searchable by employers.

  • How do I edit my resume?
  • To edit your resume, log in to your Job Seeker account and go to ‘My Resumes’. Click on the resume title of the resume that you would like to edit. This will bring you to the edit screen where you can make changes. Click the ‘Save’ button.

  • How do I remove my resume?
  • Login to your Job Seeker account and go to ‘My Resumes’. Select the resume that you would like to remove and click the ‘Delete’ the button below. The deleted resume will be removed from your account. Please note that once a resume has been deleted, it is physically deleted and cannot be retrieved from our system.

  • How can I get a copy of my AJE resume?
  • An uploaded resume can be downloaded in its original form or as an HTML via your online account. To do this, login to your Job Seeker account and go to ‘My Resumes’. Click on the resume title of the resume that you would like to download. ‘Download original file’ and ‘Download as HTML’ will be available on the edit page.

    A resume created using our Resume Builder can be saved or printed directly from the AJE website. To do this, login to your Job Seeker account and go to ‘My Resumes’. Click on the resume title of the resume that you would like to save or print. Click the ‘Preview’ button and then the ‘Printer Friendly’ button on the bottom right. Now you can print your resume or save it.

  • How do I manage my Resume?
  • The AJE Resume Manager or ‘My Resumes’ section gives you an overview of the resumes that you have in your account. If applying for a job that requires sending a resume, you will have the option to send any of the resumes that you have created, regardless of whether it is active or not. The My Resumes section also gives you one section where you can activate, deactivate and delete resumes.

  • Can I have multiple Resumes?
  • Yes you can but, only one can be active and searchable by employers.

  • How do I add a cover letter?
  • To create a cover letter, first login to your Job Seeker account. Click on ‘Cover Letters’ from the ‘My Dashboard’ panel on right> Click the ‘New Cover Letter’ button and provide the requested information. You can preview the cover letter, by clicking the Preview button. Click the ‘Save’ button and your cover letter will be added to your account.

  • Can I list multiple cities on my resume?
  • If you are looking for a job in multiple locations, you can list up to 3 different cities, zip codes or states. This option is available in both the Resume Builder and Resume Upload features.

  • What are the privacy options you offer for resumes and how do I check mine?
  • If you do not want your resume to be searchable by employers, you can deactivate it. If you do not want to disclose the name of your current or past employers, you can make them confidential.

  • What is an active resume and how do I make one active?
  • Active resumes are searchable by employers. To activate your resume, go to ‘My Resumes’, select the radio button next to the resume that you want to activate, and click the ‘Activate’ button. You can only have one active resume in your account. Activating a resume will ‘Deactivate’ all other resume in your account.

  • Why haven’t employers contacted me after I sent them my resume?
  • Employers get in touch with candidates directly, if their application fits the requirement.

  • How do I edit my cover letter?
  • To edit a cover letter, you must be logged into your Job Seeker Account. Click ‘Cover Letters’ on the ‘My Dashboard’ panel. All your cover letters will be displayed. Click on the one that you would like to edit, make the changes and hit ‘Save’.

  • Why should I post my resume?
  • Employers use a variety of recruiting products and services to find the right candidates for their open job positions. In addition to advertising their jobs, most employers also actively search and reach out to potential candidates. To make yourself visible to these recruiters, it is advisable to post or upload the resume to your profile. Employers use the AJE Resume Database to search for candidates and having your resume there will increase your chances of being contacted for a job.

  • When posting my resume, why am I getting an error?
  • You may get an error due to one or more of the following reasons. The resume title, resume summary, job objective, desired location, skills and abilities or contact methods are missing. An error during a resume upload may also be due to a missing file. The resume summary should only contain letters and numbers along with the comma, hyphen, apostrophe, period, ampersand, exclamation mark, round brackets, double quotes, colon, semicolon and slash. If there are any other characters used an error is displayed.

  • Why do I get an error message that when I try to upload a resume?
  • If all the criteria specified in "When posting my resume, why am I getting an error?" are fulfilled, an error may be displayed due to the file format or size. Compatible file formats include Microsoft Word files (.docx) and (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf) or plain text files (.txt). The maximum file size allowed is 250 KB.

  • Do I need to pay to get my resume on AJE?
  • Creating and account and adding your resume to the AJE database are completely free of cost. We do partner with other service providers to bring you more options when it comes to finding a job. Some of these services are Resume Writing and Resume Distribution which have an associated fee.

Job Seeker Account on AJE Job Seeker Account on AJE

Job Scouts for Seekers Job Scouts for Seekers

  • What is a Job Scout?
  • Job scouts are periodic emails that contain a list of the most recent jobs posted to AJE that match your saved search criteria. You can choose the frequency with which you would like to receive these job scouts.

  • How do I create a Job Scout?
  • To create a ‘Job Scout’, please log into your Job Seeker account and click on ‘Job Scouts’ in the right navigation. Click on the ‘New Job Scout’ button and add the job search criteria that you would like to save. Please ensure that the frequency "Email This Job Scout" is set to any value other than ‘Never’, so that these alerts are emailed to you.

  • Why am I receiving job scouts that aren’t tailored to my preferences?
  • AJE sends you the latest jobs that match your saved search criteria in your account. If these results are not per your preferences, you can always refine the criteria by modifying the job scout, to get more accurate results.

  • How do I modify my Job Scout?
  • To view or modify the search criteria used in a Job Scout, login to your Job Seeker account and click on ‘Job Scouts’. Click on the Scout name to modify it.

  • How do I unsubscribe from Job Scouts?
  • To stop receiving job scout, you can do two things. 1. Set the frequency (Email This Job Scout) to ‘Never’ or 2. Delete the Job Scout from your account. Please note that once deleted, the jobs scout or its contents cannot be recovered.

  • Why am I not receiving my daily job emails?
  • There may be a couple of reasons why you may not be receiving job scout emails.

    • There were no new jobs added, that match your saved search criteria
    • The job scout frequency may be set to ‘Never’, resulting in no email being sent.

    You can edit your job scouts to ensure that you are receiving all new jobs added to AJE by broadening your search criteria, setting up multiple scouts and ensuring that the frequency is set to what your requirement is.

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