Survey Researcher

Job Summary

Responsible for designing, delivering, formatting, and completing surveys. Interviews people either in person or over the phone and reports survey results to client.

Primary responsibilities

  • Design and conduct surveys for various clients.
  • Conduct survey in person or over phone.
  • Collaborate with client to develop customized questions.
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate surveys.
  • Collect data using methods such as interviews, focus groups, market analysis surveys, public opinion polls, going door to door, reviewing files, and compiling literature reviews.
  • Identify survey needs.
  • Design survey instruments and materials.
  • Direct work of staff members and fellow researchers.
  • Direct updates and changes.
  • Present summaries and analyses of survey data, including tables, graphs, and fact sheets.
  • Analyze data from surveys, old records, and/or case studies.
  • Gather information about survey topics.
  • Classify and record survey data.
  • Field checks complex survey instruments, including final drafts of interview protocols, accuracy of logic sequences, and appropriate completion of survey instruments.
  • Translates coded, written survey results and enters data into appropriate format for data analysis. Extracts data from surveys and transcribes information into appropriate format.
  • Handle respondent questions/concerns relating to the survey including use of data, funding sources.
  • Re-contacts those who initially refuse to participate in the survey to negotiate their participation.
  • Perform support services involving word processing, spreadsheet, database programs.

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