Switchboard Operator Job Description

Responsible for supporting businesses by operating switchboards and connecting callers to the appropriate person. May operate PBX, or private branch exchange switchboards, or voiceover Internet protocol switchboards.
Primary responsibilities
  • Work at switchboards at a variety of businesses and handle outgoing, interoffice or incoming calls.
  • Operate PBX or private branch exchange switchboards to facilitate connections.
  • Take and relay messages.
  • Announce when visitors arrive.
  • Relay important information.
  • Handle emergency calls.
  • Assist customers in making telephone calls.
  • Research and advise on rates.
  • Assist callers with other questions.
  • Help callers make long-distance or local calls.
  • Provide customers with area codes, telephone numbers and other information.
  • Interrupt a busy line if there is an emergency.
  • Place a person-to-person call.
  • Monitor an automated system in which callers place collect calls.
  • Operate telegraph equipment and satellite communications equipment.
  • Perform receptionist functions as needed.
  • Handle all directory assistance queries.

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