How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Boss

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Boss

You've just started a new job. There are many things you need to establish - from learning the day to day requirements to getting to know your co-workers and the layout of the company. One of the most important will be developing a good relationship with your boss. Our experts discuss some ways to help you lay the groundwork to develop a long-term, positive relationship.

The first step in the process centers on getting to know your boss. This may seem self-evident, but can include many aspects from understanding his/ her work-style to likes and dislikes. For instance, is your boss a hands-on manager or do they prefer a less formal approach. Asking your boss the way in-which they prefer to work and communicate, will help.

Also become familiar with your boss - moods and learn subtle cues. If they are tight on time it may not be a good moment to begin a discussion on new business ideas. If they get highly stressed in certain situations, maintaining a calm response to their requests may help diffuse their mood.

Let your boss set the example at work. Your boss became a manager for a specific reason. They understand the dynamics of the business, including the corporate culture. Follow your boss' example when it comes to both aspects and you will always position yourself, and your boss well.

Always be consistent with your work. Keep on schedule. Keep commitments. Keep your boss apprised of any issues that arise when he/she is not in the office. You do not want them to be caught off guard. One of your most important responsibilities is to manage up.

When it comes to dress-code, let your boss take the lead. If they dress professionally, do the same. If they have a more casual, laid-back style, you can follow suit. Your general appearance at work will be a direct reflection on them. Dressing inappropriately will reflect poorly on you both.

Be proactive whenever possible. While it may take time to understand the intricacies of your job you can still be proactive. Showing initiative on a continual basis is a good way to demonstrate your work-ethic and commitment, and will reaffirm your boss' decision to hire you.

Frequently ask your boss for advice and feedback. We all like our opinions to be heard and your boss even more so. They should serve as your mentor and you should encourage this. This is also a good way to open up discussions about your work, and ask if there is anything they would like to change.

Always maintain confidentiality. While you may be part of a larger organization, your primary responsibility is to your team - and your boss. There may be instances when your boss brings you in on projects or discussions under strict confidence. It is your responsibility to keep these confidences.

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