Promotions and Longevity: Are You Giving Yourself Credit?

By: Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Promotions and Longevity: Are You Giving Yourself Credit?

Many job seekers we work with worry about the appearance of job-hopping on their resumes. Job-hopping is a common concern today, not only because of layoffs due to the economy, but because of the perception that Generation Y workers often quit their jobs as soon as the going gets tough. If you're concerned that your resume might portray you as a job-hopper, here are some strategies to mitigate that perception.

1. Are you showing internal promotions? Whenever I see that someone worked at the same company for five or more years, my first question is always, "Did you have the same title the entire time you were there?" The answer is usually no, or that the person's title stayed the same but their responsibilities increased significantly. This is extremely valuable information for your resume. If you started in one position and were promoted into another, make sure that's clear on your resume. Likewise, if your position grew while you were in it, use some numbers to show that. For instance, state that you went from supervising five employees to managing 20, or that your operating budget increased from $3M to $13M in two years.

2. Are you showing longevity with a company? On the flip side, workers who have held significantly different positions within the same organization often list those positions as completely separate responsibilities on their resumes. While you want to credit yourself for your accomplishments in each individual position, you also want to visually structure your resume so that it's obvious that you stayed with the same company for a total of 10 years-or however long it was. One way to do this is to include a header with your total number of years at the organization, with each separate job role outlined beneath it. This not only shows your loyalty to your employer but also suggests that the company liked you and your work enough to keep you around.

Most people appreciate the ideal of an employee working his way up from the mail room to the boardroom through persistence and dedication. If your professional story includes a time when a company saw your potential and rewarded it, make sure that period of your life shines through loud and clear on your resume.

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