Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Online Education

By: U.S. News University Connection

Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Online Education

Those who wish to become real estate agents may have a number of career opportunities, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects overall employment of these professionals to increase by 14% through 2018. Individuals who work in this field and wish to boost their qualifications may benefit from enrolling in an online or campus-based adult educationprogram.

Krista Baker, founder of, recently announced the launch of an eight-week online program titled Real Estate Business-Builder System for Residential Real Estate Agents, according to a press release. This course was created to help residential real estate agents improve their hands-on prospecting, lead generation and sales skills to grow their business in a highly competitive environment.

"The number of new agents leaving real estate in their first year is extremely high. I've heard turnover rates ranging from 40 to 80%," said Baker. "It's fairly easy to get a real estate license, but building a successful business takes exceptional marketing and sales skills - something most real estate courses don't teach. This course is designed to give agents a comprehensive 'big picture' overview of the marketing process."

The courses cover each step of the prospecting, sales and client management process.