Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume

While job search strategies may have shifted with the advent of social networks and more recruiting taking place online, one constant remains – you need a solid resume, say our career experts. Whether you present this in standard written form or via your profile page on networking sites such as LinkedIn, your resume is the first impression an employer has of you as a viable candidate.

Here are some factors you should consider if you are in the process of creating or updating your resume.

Make sure your resume fits the job. If are submitting your resume for several job openings, the temptation may be to submit the same resume to each one. This is wrong, and can lead to wasted time and energy. Hiring mangers seek unique skill–sets for every job opening they post and will focus on these requirements specifically. If your resume does not highlight the skills that are included in the job posting, it will be set aside.

The best rule of thumb is to mirror the keywords that are being used within the job description itself. While you do not want to add keywords for the mere sake of doing so, including content that is directly in line with what the hiring manager is looking for will help.

Showcase your strengths. Resumes are advertisements; now is the time to brag. Undoubtedly the most successful and effective way to communicate your strengths to a potential employer is through your accomplishments. Highlight your career successes and make these a featured element of your resume and cover letter.

Managers seek employees who are results–oriented. The best way to showcase this attribute – prior to the opportunity of discussing these with a potential employer face–to–face – is to highlight results achieved prominently on your resume.

Make your resume engaging. Employers seek employees who are successful. Showcase the path of your career. Highlight awards and accomplishments. Outline any organizations, groups or other affiliations that are in direct line with the job you seek. Your resume should clearly define your career roadmap, telling the story of how you as an employee will perform, and why you should be hired.

Add all appropriate details. There are certain elements that should be included in every resume and you need to make sure you do so. Always provide the right contact information, objectives, and work history. Add social networking addresses and links to other online directories that highlight your career. And all of the information should be displayed professionally, with no typos.

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