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America’s Job Exchange (AJE), a leading destination for online recruitment advertising and OFCCP compliance, utilizes a collection of innovative and industry–leading technologies to connect job seekers with employers looking for a diverse workforce. From networks targeted to the veteran community, to disabled Americans and more, we provide a comprehensive offering that delivers the full spectrum of recruitment advertising opportunities, including brand awareness and job postings. AJE also provides access to a resume database of more than 750,000 resumes. AJE reaches an audience of more than 1.5 million job seekers, 50 percent of whom are actively seeking employment right now.

Advertising Opportunities

We provide a comprehensive offering to deliver the best in recruitment advertising options and OFCCP compliance solutions to meet your workplace diversity objectives. Our solutions target multiple audiences engaged in diversity initiatives, from employers, education and career tool providers, to those looking to promote recruitment events to our multi–dimensional job seeker community.


America’s Job Exchange’s suite of standard ad sizes – as well as special and custom ad opportunities – enable you to connect with job seekers using a variety of formats that will deliver maximum impact and recruitment success.

    • IAB Standard Units

Flexible positioning for ideal exposure. Available in a variety of locations on all AJE pages.

    • Contextual Ad Units

Pinpoint targeting that blends in with the relevant content on the page. Utilize our different targeting tools such as geo–location, keyword, demographics, etc.

    • Embedded Ad Units/Overlays

Embedded or Overlay ad units that can automatically retract and expand in all main areas of the AJE network, including the AJE search pages.

    • Recruitment Advertising

Robust placement of job ads targeted to audiences to meet your diversity initiatives.

    • Interstitial/Lead Form

Ad placement or lead form capture on interstitial web pages on key content areas of the AJE site.

    • Newsletter/Job Scouts

Featured placement in the AJE newsletter and/or Job Scouts, distributed to more than half a million active job seekers.

    • Road blocking/Sequencing

Own 100% of advertising space for a given period on the AJE site, or sequence different types of creative throughout the duration of you campaign.


AJE reaches an audience of more than 1.5 million job seekers, 50 percent of whom are actively seeking employment right now. Our job seeker community is comprised of audiences to meet your diversity and OFCCP compliance needs, including veteran job seekers, disabled Americans, women and other minority recruitment sectors.

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America’s Job Exchange reaches an audience of more than one million unique visitors, who generate more than 5 million page views and access half a million online job ads each month.

The majority of Job Seekers on AJE are from the 10 States below.

AJE Advertise Page Reach

Targeting Options

    • Location Targeting

Target ads based on Job Seeker’s location.

    • Industry & Job Title Targeting

Target ads based on the Industry and Job Title of Jobs.

    • Keyword Targeting

Target your ads towards Job Seekers using specific keywords in their job search.

    • Demographic Targeting

Target ads based on Job Seeker’s age, education or work experience.

    • Niche Career Exchange Targeting

Advertise on our customized micro sites, including Diversity, Veterans, Women’s, Disability and more!

    • Education Marketing

Market your brand to our audience by sponsoring the Education Center.

Banner Sizes

AJE Advertise Page Banner Sizes

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Maximize your advertising dollars by advertising on America’s Job Exchange today. Connect with a targeted audience of active job seekers with diverse backgrounds by choosing from a range of advertising options to meet any budget. Please fill out the form below to inquire for our latest advertising rates.

Compliance Guarantee

When you work with AJE you experience an unmatched level of service backed by our OFCCP compliance guarantee.

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