Career Exchange Sponsorships

Sponsor job exchanges for Veterans, Americans with
Disabilities, minorities and many more.

Want to show what your company is committed to? Associate your brand with Diversity, Veterans, Disability, College exchanges and more when you sponsor a Career Exchange through America's Job Exchange. The highly targeted Career Exchanges are tailored to reach a niche audience of diverse job seekers and other special interest groups. Each sponsorship includes a square button (125x125px) of your logo at the top of the career center page. When your logo is clicked, the job seeker goes to a new page displaying your current job openings on America's Job Exchange. Career Exchange Sponsorships are an excellent opportunity for employers to create an association with audiences that have certain interests or backgrounds allowing your company to differentiate itself with this brand building opportunity.


Don't miss the 2018 ILG National Conference in Anaheim, CA 7/31 – 8/3. AJE proud to be a speaker and exhibitor at the premier industry event.

AJE Partners

Affirmative Action planning is a critical piece of any OFCCP compliance program. AJE has an exclusive partnership with OutSolve to provide support in this key area.

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