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Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking System

By: Recruiting Specialist

Choosing the Right Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be a valuable part of the recruitment process; however, are not something that can be selected as a one–size fits for all corporations. There are many factors to weigh if you are considering investing in an ATS, including what are your goals in putting this in place; can it help increase the volume and caliber of resume submission; to will it streamline your recruiting process and thereby improve both efficiencies and ROI.

If you have decided to invest in an applicant tracking system, here are some of the things you should consider to help determine the right one to meet your specific business goals.

  •  Recruitment Capabilities: Is the system able to meet your recruitment needs, from applicant submission, tracking, and all the way through to the on–boarding process.
  •  Is it scalable? Can the ATS system be scaled up – or down – to accommodate the shifts in your business and process changes that may occur. Depending on your recruitment needs, you may also want to determine if it can be scaled to your global recruitment needs, including does it have a multi-language platform.
  •  Ease of implementation. Will the vendor support not only implementation of the system, but also post–implementation requirements such as training and technical support? You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you have invested in an ATS solution and there is no support when it comes to training staff or the technical issues that may arise. Be sure to ask if this support is included in the overall package, or if there are additional fees involved.
  •  Will the ATS Improve ROI? Cost savings may not be incurred in the short–term, but you should consider if investing in an ATS has long–term implications to your business and recruiting budget. Will it help improve the quality of candidates you bring in; hence, decreasing your recruitment costs. Will it streamline process flow to the extent that it reduces the time – and cost – your staff makes in the hiring cycle. These are all factors to consider when weighing one ATS vendor over another.
  •  Will it improve overall efficiencies? Bringing on an ATS should improve the recruitment process flow by centralizing areas, including job requisitions to employee referrals. It should also allow candidates to quickly and easily apply for positions. Recruiters should be able to easily search the database for viable candidates. It should also improve communication by enabling your recruiting team to add commentary and notes on all candidates in the system. And finally it should have a robust reporting tool.
  •  Can the ATS easily be integrated with your web site or other recruiting platforms? What is the IT implementation process? Can the ATS be seamlessly integrated with our website, where you can easily post open positions or other information on job openings. Can it be integrated easily with other platforms within your organization?
  •  Is it capable of capturing EEO data? This includes tracking and reporting for compilation of voluntary EEO data.
  •  Will it be adopted by the organization and employees? Will the system be adopted and used by those involved in employee recruiting? In order to use the applicant tracking system to the fullest extent, and ensure that you achieve a good return on your investment, you will need to ensure not only management buy–in, but also that all employees involved in recruiting are on board with the ATS you put in place.

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