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Balancing Compliance with Organizational Dynamics

By: Recruiting Specialist

Balancing Compliance with Organizational Dynamics

The dynamics of an organization are defined by its behavior, from its business strategies, operational procedures, to its employees. With this in mind, designing a compliance strategy is larger than simply hiring diversity candidates so that you meet OFCCP compliance regulations.

For a compliance strategy to be effective it requires buy–in and involvement from all levels of the organization, from the top down. This includes senior executives and managers, down to each of your employees. The way you structure, implement, communicate and involve your employees in your diversity programs will determine if your compliance programs will drive success.

One of the most critical steps in building an organizational structure that engages and includes diverse candidates is to devise an actionable plan with realistic goals. This should include a formal diversity hiring initiative. This strategy should involve sourcing a wide–range of candidates will showcase the dynamics of your organization. Target candidates through online diversity exchanges and participate in organizations and events that are culturally diverse.

Another important step is making sure that your corporate branding reflects one of inclusion. Since your website is the "face" of your organization, diversity should be reflected here. Your mission statement, the employees you showcase online, to corporate videos and testimonials should all be reflective of the culture you want to promote.

You may also want to consider involving employees in your diversity and inclusion programs. This should include providing the necessary training that readies them for interviewing, managing and retaining new talent.

Recruiting diverse employees accomplishes multiple business objectives. Employing and retaining diverse, top talent promotes a work culture that is inclusive to all, while also attracting candidates with unique skills. And in a workforce that is global, organizations need to position themselves as diverse to achieve success – with both internal and external audiences.

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