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Prevent Discrimination and Value Diversity

By: Recruiting Specialist

Prevent Discrimination and Value Diversity

Diversity recruiting for some may be a business practice simply targeted to meeting equal opportunity employment regulations (EEO). Valuing Diversity in the workplace; however, should be larger than complying with diversity hiring mandates. Diversity Recruiting is crucial to business planning and success, from preventing discrimination in the workplace to the ability to compete in the global marketplace. These are some of the benefits of inclusion in the workplace that should be central to the diversity hiring initiatives managers consider.

Organizations that succeed in diversity and inclusion are those that have a formal diversity hiring strategy. This should include formal hiring and training programs and a commitment by executives to accomplish diversity hiring objectives. This strategy should include sourcing candidates from job boards that specialize in diversity recruiting to sourcing candidates from organizations and institutions that are more culturally diverse. corporate branding should also focus on inclusion and attracting prospective job applicants with a broad range of talent.

Recruiting diverse employees accomplishes multiple business objectives, above and beyond preventing discrimination in the workplace. Employing and retaining diverse, top talent promotes a work culture that is inclusive to all, while also attracting candidates with unique skills.

Diversity candidates bring skills that are unique to their experience. Veterans, for instance, have leadership and team building abilities that have been cultivated expressly because of their military service. These results-oriented individuals can offer many advantages to their employer.

Older workers have the knowledge-base and flexibility that their younger counterparts lack; making them good candidates for the employer looking for alternative hiring needs. And hiring disabled workers has shown to result in multiple advantages, including an increase in employee retention and cost savings associated with tax incentives.

Hiring employees from varying cultures can also mean adding unique perspectives and viewpoints to the workforce - a must in today's global economy.

A successful diversity program has to be embraced by all executives within the organization, and recruiters are a key to implementing a comprehensive and effective diversity hiring strategy - one that makes it easy to find candidates, as well as positions the corporation as one that emphasizes diversity and inclusion.

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