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New Year's Resolutions for Recruiters

By: Recruiting Specialist

New Year's Resolutions for Recruiters

With the New Year everyone begins to focus on their resolutions. Whether it's losing weight, getting more fit or taking on a new hobby, committing to achieving this goal can be empowering.

For recruiters, having a goal that is focused on recruiting more effectively can prove beneficial. Workforce planning, a talent pipeline, and a shorter time-to-fill are some universal goals, spanning across every industry and workplace, for anyone focused on recruiting. Leave the reactive approach behind in favor of a more proactive approach with these tips.

Unlike this past year, one of the most important goals for many recruiters may be a need to hire and source new employees. The number of people applying for unemployment benefits continues to drop week to week and may portend a strengthening of the job market this year.

For recruiters, aligning current workforce needs with your company's hiring goals is key. This year, resolve to take an even more methodical approach. Look to your organizational and employee development plans and determine gaps in your workforce. If you have yet to develop these plans, we suggest you do so now. This type of planning will help you deliver on your strategy and your road-map for hiring more efficiently.

Next, establish a talent pipeline or a queue of potential employees for the entire year, if possible. Not only will this ensure a capable and skilled group of individuals to fill positions, corresponding with your needs as a company, but it will also drastically reduce a position's time-to-fill should you need a replacement quickly.

Starting your search for a new employee from scratch whenever one is needed is both ineffective and time consuming, and will most likely only lead to frustration, and thus decreased productivity. Having a planned pipeline in place can streamline the process, as well as be more cost effective. Have your job postings ready. Have your social media recruiting plan in place.

Start focusing on specifics of the interviews that you will be conducting. Determine the interview questions well in advance. With your organizational plan as your reference guide, preparing interview questions for each unit within your organization is best. You should also have set expectations for potential recruits beforehand, making sure that they, like your workforce planning, are a snug fit for your company's objectives.

For more New Year's recruiting advice, read New Year's Recruiting Strategies. Don't let your recruiting New Year's resolution turn into another unused gym membership. Bring these simple steps into the new year with you, and you're sure to have the right talent coming your way.

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