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Best Practices to Recruit Veterans

By: Recruiting Specialist

Best Practices to Recruit Veterans

As we noted in our article, Why Recruiting Veterans Can Improve Your Team, there are many reasons to recruit and hire military veterans. Their leadership abilities, training and unique skills mean they can most often than not transfer their military skills quite favorably to the civilian workforce.

While there are laws that require employers with federal contracts or subcontracts of $10,000 or more to comply with equal opportunity job listing and hiring requirements, such as the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA), hiring veterans should not only be considered meeting a requirement as mandated by law, but a moral imperative for U.S. businesses.

As you and your teams look at your diversity recruiting strategies, and how veterans can complement your programs, there are several recruiting practices you can employ to start hiring veterans today. Start with the following and build from there.

Re-screen all veteran’s resumes. In many cases, veterans may not clearly outline how their military training is transferable to a civilian job. By re-screening veterans’ resumes, you can ensure you do not miss any relevant candidates. Look closely at experience as it relates to leadership, training or technical abilities. While there may not be a clear definition of how these skills are transferable to a civilian job by the applicant, by revisiting resumes you can re-asses if the skills within can be transitioned to your particular organization.

Consider developing internship programs. These could be paid or un-paid. Developing an internship program is a good way to attract a wide-range of candidates to your business, veterans or otherwise. This provides a veteran job candidate with the on-the-job learning that they may require, while also allowing you to better assess, first-hand, the skills of any potential recruit.

Develop a recruiter training program focused on veteran hiring. Having recruiters that have experience in targeting and recruiting the veteran community is beneficial. These recruiters can develop a high level of understanding of military experience and its transferability to civilian fields, while also developing strong relationships with any applicable local veterans organizations.

Which leads to, develop strong relationship with the veteran community. Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), such as the American Legion, are excellent resourses and can put you in touch with veteran job seekers as well as those representatives that are highly connected in the community.

Post job openings on job sites that cater to the veteran community, including state agencies and one-stop career centers. You can also source veteran candidates from organizations such as, which provides a diverse network of job sites, articles and tools to help veteran job seekers match military skills to civilian occupations.

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