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New Year Recruiting and Jobs Outlook

By: Recruiting Specialist

New Year Recruiting and Jobs Outlook

For recruiters looking at job and recruiting for 2012, globalization, diversification of the workforce and new recruitment tools such as social media, are just a few of the trends that will continue to dominate the landscape.

Minorities and women are expected to make up the largest percentage of entrants in the workforce. And among ethnic groups, Hispanics are projected to show the highest increase making up 17.6 percent of the labor market by 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Diversity will continue to expand beyond the workplace, with globalization, suppliers, not to mention a preponderance of non-white consumers. Globalization, in particular, will drive employers to diversify their labor force, and recruiters will need to develop outreach programs to source and attract candidates who can adapt to different cultures and languages, or those who are willing to move abroad.

Recruitment and hiring trends will continue to see an increase in the use of social networking sites as a recruiting tool. With the ability to reach a broad, targeted audience, not to mention a great resource for cross–checking candidates’ backgrounds, social media recruiting is fast becoming a primary recruiting tool for job seekers and recruiters alike.

With hiring projections anticipated to remain sluggish through the New Year, flexible hiring, including sourcing contractors and consultants, will remain a candidate sourcing alternative. And with a high unemployment rate, job seekers are more than willing to consider alternatives to full-time employment.

In terms of jobs growth, key industry will see the largest impact. Technology and computer–related fields are projected to see the highest growth, with workers skilled in areas including computer, network system and data communications analysts among the most sought after. Growth projections for the healthcare sector, in fields including home health aids to medical assistants, also remain strong. And careers in educational services will also show improvement. Conversely, jobs in manufacturing fields will continue to decline.

And workers who are more skilled and have college degrees will have more job opportunities than their less educated counterparts. Occupations that require higher education, as compared to on–the–job–training, will see the highest rate of growth.

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