Five Key Solutions to Improve Your Small Business Recruitment Strategies

By: Recruiting Specialist

Five Key Solutions to Improve Your Small Business Recruitment Strategies

One of the core components of any thriving business is its talent, and attracting great candidates is often reliant on recruitment staff, budgets and other factors. Whether you are looking to recruit one candidate or many, there are several tried and true strategies and recruiting tools that any small business can leverage to help maximize the hiring process. Here are five key solutions you should execute in any recruitment plan you employ.

  1. Use social media to extend your reach. Since most job seekers now use social networks as a job search tool, be sure to use these networks as part of your recruiting strategy. Post jobs on LinkedIn. Set up a Twitter feed for new openings. Create career sites on your own website or Facebook page. Leveraging social media as a recruitment platform not only expands your reach but enables you to tap into core talent who are networking using these platforms.
  2. Implement an effective Employee Referral Program (ERP). ERPs offer a quick, low-cost and high-quality way of finding staff. Employees who are hired through referrals also tend to stay with the company longer than other candidates. And unlike other recruiting methods, which tend to draw only active job seekers, ERPs offer access to passive job seekers – qualified people who, under the right circumstances, may be good candidates for open positions.
  3. Don't downplay the importance of the job description. Equally as important as a detailed and impressive cover letter for job seekers, is developing and advertising the perfect job description. A job description should be viewed as an introduction to potential employees, one that will make a lasting impression, and can either drive further interest or propel great candidates away.
  4. Online job postings are still one of the most useful, cost effective recruitment methods. Online job postings provide access to targeted and specialized groups, such as diversity candidates, as well as enable employers to reach and source hundreds of job seekers with a single posting.
  5. Measure the success of your recruitment strategies. This will help you not only determine how long it takes to fill a position, but also the cost associated to fill each individual position; and in the longer-term, assess the types of candidates you bring in. By maintaining trackable metrics, you can also determine what works, what practices need improvement and the overall cost to your recruitment budget.

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