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Maximize Your Time; Minimize Recruiting Dollars

By: Recruiting Specialist

Maximize Your Time; Minimize Recruiting Dollars

Time is money and when it comes to the recruiting process, the best results are those that save money and maximize the time it takes to recruit. But this doesn't mean you need to cheap out when it comes to the types of strategies you employ and candidates you source. Even if you have a limited budget, you can be targeted and creative and still achieve success. The approach you take will determine how much you spend, if you find quality candidates and if you achieve the best ROI for your hiring budget.

One of the most cost-effective recruitment strategies still remains the traditional online job posting. With limited budgets sourcing candidates with your current employees not only saves time and money, but can also lead you to reaching candidates with the right skill set. Since individuals within your organization are intimately familiar with job requirements and corporate culture, they usually are one of the best sources to recruiting talent; they can make referrals for job applicants that mirror your needs more closely.

Just like employees are best suited to gauge the type of job candidates best suited for your company, customers are also a good source of recruiting talent. Be open to mentioning recruiting needs and source referrals from the people you conduct business with on a daily basis - your customers.

Recruiting amongst local organizations is also a cost-effective recruiting practice. Colleges and trade associations are a good source of employees. Whether seeking part-time, entry-level or more senior level openings look to local organizations and their network of specialized membership and, as is customary with any budget-friendly recruiting strategy today, it's time to get social.

Capitalize on social media, blogs and any other platforms to find source top-talent. Because these networks have a broad reach - and are essentially free resource vehicles, developing a social media strategy in conjunction with your recruitment plan is a must do. Use social media networks to promote your organization, post current and future job opening and reach potential employees.

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