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New Year Recruiting Strategies

By: Recruiting Specialist

New Year Recruiting Strategies

As the New Year approaches you may be among the many recruiters and hiring managers who are assessing their workforce needs for the new year. Whether you are looking to hire one employee or dozens in the coming year, there are four key and cost–effective recruiting strategies that you may want to employ next year.

Augment your recruiting plan. Your business and recruiting strategy should be fluid. It is important to continually assess your recruiting plan and determine if it’s delivering the right candidates at the best ROI for your business. How you execute against your plan will determine how much time and energy you spend sourcing, and if you attract the right candidates.

Meet with managers and revisit core competencies of roles required for departments or specific positions. Look at your current pool of job descriptions and determine if they need to be adjusted to fit changing needs. Ensure that your hiring plan includes all the critical elements for success, including use of online sourcing tools, which we’ll address next.

If you haven’t to date, plot your social media strategy. Social media platforms are free – for the most part – recruiting tools that you should be utilizing to your advantage. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook provide an excellent platform for both small and big businesses to recruit. Job seekers are incorporating social media into their job search strategy, and you should do the same.

Social media provides an efficient way for employers to connect with large or targeted groups of job candidates and post your job openings in a strategic way. If you are or plan to recruit via social media, then you will also need to go to the next step – revisit your recruiting brand strategy. If you do not have one, it’s time to build it out.

Build a recruiting brand strategy. Employer branding is at the crux of any great recruiting plan. How you present your business as a brand will impact the type of candidates you deliver to your job openings. Your corporate website, Facebook page, and other forward facing forums should sell the mission and vision of your company to not only drive business, but also attract potential employees. You want to maintain a consistent message across all platforms that helps promote the personality behind the brand to drive both business and the best candidates. This leads to our next strategy, your website.

Capitalize on your own website. Your website is the most fertile ground to attract interested, qualified candidates. It should reinforce your corporate message and mission along with the current job openings that candidates are assessing. Build a recruiting page or section on your site that is specifically dedicated to recruiting. Here you can house employee profiles, videos or forums where prospective candidates are able to learn about your business model, and also get a feel for the personality behind your brand. If your website isn’t saying "this is a great place to work," strategize with internal teams on how best to infuse this message into your online content for the coming year.

Schedule participation at this year’s upcoming recruiting and industry events. Carefully review the events you attended this past year, and assess their effectiveness to your recruiting plan for the year ahead. Look to career fairs, industry trade shows, and associations where you can recruit and promote your brand – both of which are crucial to building your hiring initiatives. And if your marketing teams are participating in trade events next year, be sure to encourage them to approach potential, pre–qualified candidates and outline open job opportunities.

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