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Hiring Older Workers

By: Recruiting Specialist

Hiring Older Workers

Unemployment rates for older workers - classified as job seekers 55 years and older - have increased since the recession. And persons in this sector can expect to be unemployed for approximately 39 weeks; much longer than their younger counterparts.

While statistics may deter business managers from senior hiring, senior recruiting should in fact be part of any recruiting strategy. Hiring older workers has many advantages, including sourcing skilled employers who are willing to take on flexible, part-time or contract work. And in many cases, cost savings - as many working seniors may already have insurance plans, negating the need to offer benefits packages and reducing overall hiring costs.

Job applications from older candidates should be a consideration. With experience to their advantage, older workers offer businesses a plethora of benefits. Their years of experience mean they can get more done in an organized and detailed manner, saving time and money. Their experience also lends itself to mentoring younger workers as they are natural team leaders.

Seniors bring other valuable assets to the workplace. According to the AARP, superior communication skills, lower absenteeism, and punctuality are all traits associated with the mature employee.

Older works also tend to be more loyal to employers, and less interested in job hopping. Unlike their younger counterparts who may jump from one job to the next, the older employee typically is looking for stability and a longer-terms relationship with their employer.

Older workers also have the benefit of focus on their side. With children most likely out of the household and fewer family obligations, they tend to be more focused.

Most importantly, with continued reduction of staffing comes a reduction in knowledge. Senior workers have decades of knowledge that employers can benefit from. Considering this segment of the labor force should be a must for any business manager.

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