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Summer Hiring Recruiting Strategies

By: Recruiting Specialist

Summer Hiring Recruiting Strategies

Are you looking to hire part-time, seasonal workers for the summer? The process can actually be easy if you follow some tried and true recruiting strategies. With some preparedness and planning, you won't have to "sweat it" when it comes to bringing on hourly staff this summer. Here are some tips you may want to consider.

  • Have a year-long hiring plan ready. Create a calendar that includes key seasonal hiring dates and budgets. This will help determine how many additional staff members are required before you need to staff up and the earlier you start the easier it will be to fill job openings with good candidates. Use this calendar to set deadlines for developing enticing job descriptions, advertising, sourcing, and interviewing. Proceeding with a set plan will only make the hiring process more organized, and more successful.
  • Have your job postings ready. Always purchase job postings in bulk so that you can post at a moment's notice, especially if you manage a business that experiences ebbs and flow in sales that require last minute staffing, such as during the peak summer months. Proactive recruiting is especially effective on college campuses where there is always a talented pool of job seekers looking for part-time or seasonal jobs.
  • Look to recent students or college grads and older workers. Consider all different demographics, from students looking for part-time work, retirees looking to work on a limited basis, and to those workers who are in-between jobs. Seniors are an exceptional source of talent. They not only have the flexibility you may be seeking, but they also bring experience and confidence. Like older workers, college students have flexibility and because they are beginning to dip their toes into the labor pool, they may be ready to work hard and learn.
  • Networking is one of your best resources. Chances are that you and other members of your staff have friends in their own personal network that are looking for a job. Ask around. Approach people from your part-time staff list (or floater list) if you have one.
  • Keep the best seasonal staff on notice. Although you are only bringing on part-time workers for a finite amount of time, be sure to keep a roster of workers you can call on a periodic basis. This can help you cut down on recruiting costs and training. Having a list of "go to" people who are available when you need them is always a good practice.
  • Train, train, train. Good customer service sets a business apart. The seasonal staff you hire should be trained in your philosophy of customer care. Invest some time and energy and make sure seasonal staff goes through rigorous training.
  • Make sure you still comply by appropriate hiring rules. The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers puts out a free set of guidelines for navigating rules for seasonal employees. The basic idea is to make sure that all seasonal employees are on the payroll and their employment status is categorized.

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