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Prepare For Fall Hiring

By: Recruiting Specialist

Prepare For Fall Hiring

Summer comes to an end, fall begins, and companies are presented with a challenge for the coming year: recruiting new employees. Managers are back from their vacations and ready to fill open positions. Whether it's because of budget increases for the coming months, or an organization's initiative to introduce fresh employees to their workforce, the fall season is easily the biggest hiring period for many businesses. What can you do to have an advantage in the frantic rush for new hires?

A successful hiring process starts with a successful plan, and a successful plan only works if all those involved are on the same page. Create a calendar of key events in the hiring process, and make everyone aware of important dates. Use this calendar to set deadlines for developing enticing job descriptions, proper budgeting for new positions, advertising, sourcing, and interviewing. Proceeding without a set plan will only make the hiring process more disorganized, and less successful.

Once you have a plan in place, start your search from within the company. Establish a referral program for your current employees; give them an incentive to suggest people they've worked with in the past. Make sure your human resources staff is properly trained, and, if necessary, employ professional recruiters to hire the staff you need.

Having a good job description is just as important as having a good hiring strategy. Create a performance-based job description, that is, one that clearly outlines a potential hire's goals based on what they will do on a day-to-day basis. Demonstrating responsibilities in this way will remove all ambiguity between interviewer and interviewee, making the process a completely objective one. It will also ensure that you are sourcing the right candidates. Once you have the job description, plot your advertising strategy. One of the most affordable methods to recruit candidates is still through online job ads. You can target who you want to advertise to, such as specialized groups or diversity candidates, and also reach hundreds of job seekers with a single posting. Social media is also another excellent tool. Look at social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and use these to reach a vast pool of job seekers.

Once you get to the interview phase, remember to treat candidates well. Maintain professionalism, always be prepared, and always be on time; don't lose a prospective top-tier employee because of an inconsiderate attitude. Remember, you're being interviewed by the candidate, as well as doing the interviewing. Also have as many people as possible be part of the interview process to vet candidates. This should include both direct reports and peers, as appropriate.

Approaching the recruitment process as systematically as possible will give you an edge. Set deadlines and stick to them. Take the necessary steps to make a potential hire want to work under you just as much as you want him or her to work for you. Treat potential candidates with a professional attitude and consideration. A step-by-step hiring process will help ensure you find, and bring on, the best of the best in the sometimes hectic fall recruiting season.

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