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Recruiting Challenges for Small Business Owners

By: Recruiting Specialist

Recruiting Challenges for Small Business Owners

Traditionally small business has accounted for over 60 percent of hiring; however, with sluggish job growth, it has been showing a decline. Of the many decisions small business owners have to make today, recruiting the right candidate – sometimes on limited budgets – can prove difficult. The fewer open positions available have many a small business owner looking to hire candidates that can perform multiple roles. Couple this with the challenges of limited budgets, and keeping a business running efficiently, filling open positions can prove challenging.

But there are avenues you can take to offset these factors, beginning with looking at your internal team. Current employees are not only a great referral source, but should also be vetted as candidates who may be able to fill internal positions. Individuals within your own organization are sometimes the best choice to fill open positions, as well as make good sources of referrals for other job applicants.

Social media is an excellent vehicle for recruiting. Whether you Tweet, post on Facebook, or source candidates via LinkedIn, this is a great way to source job candidates at little or no cost. Look to social media as an important part of your recruiting plan. It’s also a great vetting tool, as you can research a job candidate’s history online.

If you are looking to source a wide–range of diverse candidates for open positions, online job boards are still one of the most effective methods. One of the most affordable methods to recruit candidates, developing an online job advertisement is still the best use of limited budgets. You can target who you want to advertise to, such as specialized groups, and also reach hundreds of job seekers with a single posting.

Look to your local educational institutions. College students are a good source of candidates for part–time jobs or entry–level openings, while vocational and technical schools can line you up with job seekers who have specialized trades.

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