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Recruiting College Grads

By: Recruiting Specialist

Recruiting College Grads

With May upon us, university doors will swing open and eject millions of talented young professionals into the workforce. Many businesses, both large and small, will be clamoring to recruit these skilled entry-level workers. But with so many venues competing for grads' attention this time of year, including social media, professional networking sites, and job boards, how can you create some buzz around your employer brand that will get these recruits interested in working for you?

Social media is a predominant job search strategy that is growing among college grads, as well as job seekers in general. Establishing Twitter feeds, blogs, and Facebook fan pages is an essential to your recruiting strategy if you are looking to engage Generation Y. Begin a social media campaign and start off slow. No need to tackle all venues at once. Build a niche group on LinkedIn and invite relevant users to participate in the forum. Ask questions, post jobs, and begin to search out the best candidates. Start a Twitter feed that posts relevant tidbits about entry-level jobs along with your own job opportunities. Bit by bit, your candidate base will begin to amass.

When it comes to job boards, go where grads go. Research and opinion polls have shown that many entry-level job seekers favor highly specialized niche sites targeted to them. Sites like America's Job Exchange cater to a large array of audiences with specialized career exchanges, one of which is college grads. Publishing relevant postings on these job boards is an essential step in your recruiting strategy.

Gen Y loves video. The more videos you can upload on your corporate site, the better. Coupled with recruiting job boards, you should also use your corporate website to promote your brand and benefits of employment. Tap your current employers (both younger and older) to become brand ambassadors, who are willing to give daily or weekly updates on what's going on inside the business. These "vlogs" will not only generate excitement, but they'll also capture the essence of your workplace culture. Any new recruit will be impressed with your transparency and their interest could lead to a possible application/interview/hire.

Mobile recruiting is another new tactic that is gaining traction. Companies can begin to amass mobile opt-in lists and alert candidates of new opportunities through SMS. Recruiters can also manage candidate interviews through texting. If companies aren't considering mobile recruiting, they're ignoring a potentially huge applicant pool.

Another great way to attract the attention of Gen Y is to regularly talk about your commitment to non-profits within your community. Is your company involved in volunteering outside of the business? Do you donate a portion of your profits to a good cause? For Gen Y, salary is important, but it doesn't top altruism. Making the world a better place may sound like a cliche, but Gen Y firmly stands behind and embraces these notions.

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