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Hiring Retail Workers Quickly for the Holidays

By: Recruiting Specialist

Hiring Retail Workers Quickly for the Holidays

For many businesses, the holiday quarter makes up the majority of their business revenue. This is a time where employers are saddled with the need to gear up for holiday selling and hire part–time workers quickly.

Hiring part–time, seasonal workers, especially for the holidays, can be a stressful endeavor. But here are several key recruiting factors to consider that will help move this process along.

Before you hire

  • Determine your exact holiday needs. What is your overall budget? How many part–time associates are required to staff up your business? What are the minimal requirements needed for the part–time staffers you are seeking? These are all questions you should consider before you drive part–time employee recruitment.
  • What mechanisms will you use to drive recruitment? Online job boards are quick and efficient and can help you narrow–cast and target. Career One Stop centers are also a good resource. Be sure to be in contact with yours, even throughout the year. You should also encourage employee referrals and walk–ins. These are great ways to attract part–time staff. And don’t forget to post job ads on your social media outlets and website to promote your short–term hiring needs.
  • Consider all different demographics, from students looking to part–time work, retirees looking to work on a limited basis, to those workers who are in–between jobs. By broadening the scope of the employees you are looking to recruit, you will have a better chance of filling positions quickly.

After you hire

  • Train, train, train. Good customer service sets a business apart. The seasonal staff you hire should be trained in your philosophy of customer care. Invest some time and energy and make sure seasonal staff goes through rigorous training.
  • Make sure you still comply by appropriate hiring rules. The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers puts out a free set of guidelines for navigating rules for seasonal employees. The basic idea is to make sure that all seasonal employees are on the payroll and their employment status is categorized.
  • Whether you need to fill time slots for a few weeks or a several months, you still need to hire the right people for your business. Seasonal hires come in direct contact with customers. Special care should be taken to hire workers who have a good attitude and temperament.
  • And remember, although you are only bringing on part–time workers for a finite amount of time, be sure to keep a roster of workers you can call on a periodic basis. This can help you cut down on recruiting costs and training. Having a list of "go to" people who are available when you need them to augment seasonal staffing needs is always a good practice.

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