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Using Social Media for Research and Development

By: Recruiting Specialist

Using Social Media for Research and Development

Social networking, whose popularity has grown exponentially since its inception, will continue to prove to be a valuable resource for recruiters in terms of both research and career development. Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have a surprising number of characteristics that make them powerful in the context of being a primary source of information and data for those looking to source candidates. Furthermore, we have seen how social networking has proven instrumental in professional development.

With its abundance of information, available at the touch of a button, social media should be at the core of your recruiting and development strategy this year.

For recruiting, in particular, since most job seekers now use social networks as a job search tool, this yields a larger pool of job candidates to source, with access to up-to-the minute information on these candidates. By now you are probably familiar with all these platforms. As part of your recruiting strategy, be sure to continue to post your jobs on LinkedIn. Set up a Twitter feed for new openings. Create career sites on your own website or Facebook page.

While recruiters are still reliant on the traditional methods of vetting candidates by calling references and standard background checks, researching information on social networks should also be part of your vetting strategy. With immediate access, it's easy to cross-reference a prospective employee's work history, references as well as the overall way they position themselves on their social networks. Put simply, you can quickly weed out good candidates, and set aside those that are not appropriate for your positions; saving both time and money.

In addition to being a good recruiting tool, social networking can also be useful in terms of professional development. As a recruiter, you can access the most up to date information, and industry news, helping you stay abreast of trends and new recruiting guidelines. If you haven't done so already, set up a Twitter feed and immediately access news alerts. Follow key influencers or industry gurus. Research and join groups dedicated to recruiting practices.

You may also want to consider extending your social media practices to help position yourself as a leader within your field. Consider building a Facebook community focused on recruiting. This will enable you to network with others, as well as share best practices with each other. Create a blog post on the career section of your website, where your voice is heard both externally, and within your own organization.

Consider connecting with business associates, both online and in the virtual world, to help strengthen relationships and further your recruiting initiatives in the New Year.

And just like job seekers are looking to sell themselves to prospective employers, outlining your accomplishments on your social networks can help you create your own opportunities.

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