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How Tech-advanced is Your Business?

By: Recruiting Specialist

How Tech-advanced is Your Business?

No business today can thrive – much less survive – without technology. Regardless of the size, scope or overall make–up of your company, communications, specifically as it relates to technology, is essential to succeed in today’s economy. And with countless technology tools readily available, businesses are now able to reach broader, targeted audiences, including diversity candidates. Technology lets you communicate more efficiently and effectively, both internally and externally, as well as open up new opportunities like never before. For those not taking advantage of these tools, here several you should be using or at the very least consider.

Internet and Intranet Sites – If you are not taking advantage of the web, you should be. Whether outward facing or for internal purposes, businesses today need a web presence. A company website is the perfect tool to market your business – and any goods or services you sell. Whether you are looking to hire new talent, selling consumer goods or business services, most everyone today vets companies using the Internet. And not having an internet presence can have a material impact on your branding efforts offline.

Conversely, for those businesses that need to communicate quickly with internal audiences, including employees, an intranet is an effective tool. This is a great way to update internal teams on information about the company, from new products to events. It’s also a good tool to help promote your business with your employees, highlighting new ventures and other information. And if you are looking to solicit feedback from employees, you can use your intranet to solicit survey responses.

Social Media Platforms – It is no longer practical to ignore the increase of social media usage for business. Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are part of day–to–day business transactions.

Using social media to recruit, source and connect with customers or clients is one of the most cost–effective ways to target a vast network. If you haven’t done so already, you should incorporate social media into your online recruiting plan and any other sales strategies you develop. In regards to recruiting in particular, think of social media as a virtual Rolodex. Instead of reaching out to prospective job candidates and peers at physical events, you can connect with a large, captive audience online. As it relates to sales and business, it’s a great way to engage users and share information in real–time.

Smartphones and mobile devices – Not only do Smartphones enable you more portability and access to information, they can also be a terrific selling device. There are multiple apps available that can assist you to be more efficient – and most are free. You can also consider developing an app to promote your business if you have one that can solve a problem. Smartphones are a great way to advertise, promote a product and also connect with users – anytime, anywhere.

Harnessing the power of today’s new tech platforms is a great way to connect with your audiences. Be sure to incorporate these new avenues of communication into your recruiting and business plans today.

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