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Obtaining Useful Feedback from Customers

By: Recruiting Specialist

Obtaining Useful Feedback from Customers

The web has opened up the door to feedback, and never before have businesses been so connected to their customers. Whether you operate an organization that services businesses or you are a consumer venture, obtaining feedback from your customers is not only a pre–requisite to conducting business today, but can better help you address their needs. Here are some quick tactics you can employ today to encourage customer feedback.

Survey your customers. One of the most cost–effective and fastest ways to obtain feedback is to employ an online survey. Surveys can be posted on your website, emailed directly to customers, or offered in any brick–and–mortar operation you manage. By surveying customers, you have immediate access to their opinions about products and services, as well as access to useful testimonials which you can help market your business.

Encourage customers to offer their feedback in your online communities. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other online forums are an easy way to have customers participate in direct discussions with your company.

Provide customers with easy access to customer service. Preventing issues from escalating can sometimes be as simple as addressing issues immediately. Make sure that your customer service email or phone number is visible on your marketing portals; providing customers with the immediate access to businesses that they have come to expect.

Be as transparent as possible. Of course, you will need to be prepared that some feedback may include negative commentary and be posted on your open forums. If you do ask for feedback online, the best approach is to ensure that someone is managing these platforms and responding in a timely manner. Customers are open to assessing negative comments if they are followed by responses from businesses addressing these issues.

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