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The Value of Hiring Veterans

By: Recruiting Specialist

The Value of Hiring Veterans

There are many incentives to look to the veteran's community as a fertile ground for recruitment and hiring. Apart from tax incentives available to employers from legislative orders such as the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act, and enriching your diversity initiatives, the veteran community offers a unique set of skills that can add to your organizational dynamics.

Veterans possess leadership skills that are the core framework of their training. They are oriented to take responsibility for their actions, and those of others. Coupled with this, they are highly conditioned to work as part of a team. Decisions made in the front-line in battle always factor in others a trait that is vital to today's streamlined work environments.

Hiring veterans has additional benefits. As members of the military, they are required to go through vigorous training schedules, whether those involve the latest technologies, leadership skills or management techniques. Veterans do not lack in the skills department when it comes to these areas and can translate this knowledge to jobs in the civilian field.

Veterans perform exceptionally well under pressure. They have been trained in every situation to use logic and reasoning in dire circumstances, and this trait cannot be underestimated when working in a non-military job.

And since veterans are required to undergo clearance checks, they should be considered lower risk and can also save you money since they have already undergone vigorous background checks.

Combine all of this with their ability to translate their skills, dedication, and determination towards a work ethic that is unparallel, and adding a former member of the military to your team should be considered a core part of your diversity strategy.

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