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Systems Engineer, Flight Dynamics Analyst 7/31/2018

a.i. solutions, Inc Lanham, MD

Lanham, MD
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a.i. solutions is seeking a focused individual to be a member of the Earth Orbiting System Flight Dynamics Team for the Aqua, Aura, and Terra missions, part of the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Earth Science Mission Operations project, or other NASA or DoD low Earth orbiting spacecraft. This role will be busy on this up-tempo and high-performing team. This individual must demonstrate a knowledge and passion for orbital mechanics and an uncontrollable desire to fly spacecraft. This individual will have to balance performing spacecraft flight dynamics analyses and real-time mission support while also interfacing with the customer and maintaining the teams progress along its schedule. This person will need to have excellent communication skills, a firm understanding of the physics and math of spaceflight, computer savvy, a talent for leadership and the ability to see system-wide connections. The successful candidate will act as an integral part of the team to ensure the goal of delivering quality products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Essential Roles & Responsibilities:

Provide flight dynamics support for multiple spacecraft including trajectory analysis, maneuver planning and performance analysis, and attitude determination
Perform satellite life cycle requirements development (including. requirements for constellation management), propulsion analysis and sizing, fuel budgets, long-term station-keeping requirements development, deorbit requirements/plan
Perform routine and real-time mission support including flight product generation and distribution
Interface with other spacecraft flight operations team members for maneuver planning activities, collaborative analysis or spacecraft anomaly resolution
Consider and evaluate multiple approaches to solving complex trajectory-related problems, and perform trade-off analyses of feasible options
Present analysis results to Customers, Mission Managers, Principle Investigators, international partners or other external entities
Document and communicate work to peers and customers through informal forums as well as formally in conference and journal publications
Research the latest progress in flight dynamics analysis, software and operations to grow our value to the customer
Provide systems engineering support including requirements definition, test plan development and software testing of flight dynamics system upgrades
Support the generation of technical engineering products by using the appropriate standards
Contribute to the achievement of business objectives
Travel approximately twice a year, 2-5 days in a duration

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in engineering or a related discipline
Experience with various flight dynamics software and scripting languages including FreeFlyer, Matlab, Python, and Perl
Experience with astrodynamics, orbit estimation, spacecraft navigation, maneuver planning, and/or on-orbit satellite mission support
U.S. citizenship

Desired Skills:

Ability to quickly connect in-person and in writing, and to actively listen and perceive the needs, values or opinions of others
Comfortable with communication and daily direct customer interaction
Demonstrated leadership accomplishments professionally and personally
Proactivity in identifying and addressing challenges to include innovations that result in positive organizational impact
Satellite operations experience
Experience with technical writing


At a.i. solutions, we are passionate about taking smarter approaches to reach better solutions for our customers. Since 1996, a.i. solutions has supported the nation’s space and defense agencies, producing products and services that span flight dynamics, space operations, ground system software, information technology, and systems engineering for launch vehicles, missiles and satellites. a.i. solutions is a mature small business with engineering, science and IT professionals nationwide serving our civilian, defense, and commercial customers. As a trusted space industry partner, we deliver what we promise: superior results.

Company Size:
201-500 Employees
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10001 Derekwood Lane
Suite 215
Lanham, MD 20706

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