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RF Services Engineer 7/31/2018

CDI Corporation San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA
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Job Title: RS Services Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: 7 months

Job description:

Either UMTS or GSM criteria should be met: UMTS

* Minimum six (6) years of RF engineering experience. Minimum three to four years of recent experience in radio network design, implementation and tuning/optimization on WCDMA systems.

* Past Leadership experience in at least Three UMTS projects. One project must be the leader for all technical activities in a large scale (major metropolitan area or state wide geographic area) and responsibilities must include technical organization and oversight of work and demonstrated excellence in communications with team, project manager, and customer.

* Experience in working with different RAB services - CS, PS, HSDPA and EUL

* Understanding of signalling in between different interface specially Uu, Iub, Iur, Iu-Cs and Iu-Ps Design

* Detailed understanding of the link budget

* Have used the planning tools such as Aircom Asset3G, Planet EV, Atoll

* Detailed understanding of inputs required, and how to create a new project in a planning tool

* Able to perform model tuning

* Have used the ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) tool, preferably Wines, Arieso

* Able to make recommendations to improve a network design (cell plan)

* Detailed understanding of Monte Carlos Analysis.

* Experience in Scrambling Code and Neighbor planning. Tuning

* Able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve the system performance.

* Detailed understanding of optimization tools such as TEMS investigation, Actix, Agilent

* Experience in tuning a loaded network, and understand the difference between artificial and real traffic loading

* Detailed understanding of Layer 3 messaging

* Able to collect and analyze drive data and performance statistics, and solve complex issues

* Knowledge on how IRAT procedures can affects the overall Service Quality both for PS and CS traffic

* Has the competence to implement and experiment on RAN features relative to traffic analysis

* Understands the relationship between Soft/Softer Handovers and Network Capacity, and how to optimize both.

* Detailed knowledge of the Ericsson OSS, and how to operate the optimization tools

* Detailed knowledge of KPIs and able to make recommendations to improve them

* Understand how enhance uplink tuning is performed

* Extensive experience in creating, reviewing and approving frequency plans (1/1, 1/3, FLP MRP)

* Extensive experience in preparing, reviewing and approving Cell Design Data (CDD).

* Extensive experience in preparing, reviewing and approving site configuration based on site survey data and traffic data. Tuning

* Extensive experience of roll out projects

* Able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve the system performance.

* Working experience with TEMS Investigation drive test tool.

* Extensive hands-on experience with Ericsson OSS. Knowledge of CNA and CHA/MML.

* Working knowledge of Ericsson BSS features, preferably up to software release 07B.

* Detailed understanding of Layer 3 messaging

* Knowledge of Ericsson RBS hardware, site configuration in the BSC and at the RBS (IDB). Optimization

* Knowledge of RNO (MRR, NCS, FAS) and traces (MTR, CTR). Practical experience of using these features in operating and improving radio networks.

* Extensive experience in network performance improvement utilizing OMC statistics on Ericsson GSM system. Practical experience of working with counters from STS.

* In depth understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as defined by operators in the US. Working experience of optimizing the network to improve KPIs.

* Knowledge of how the features work and the ways to optimize features to obtain gains in network performance. Applicable to BOTH

* Proficient with MapInfo, MS Office

* Flexibility of extensive travel within the US

This exciting opportunity is available immediately so please apply today for immediate consideration!

CDI Corporation is an EEO/An Affirmative Action M/F/D/V Employer