Program Supervisor - Specialized Residential Crisis/Transition Services

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POST DATE 3/21/2020
END DATE 5/19/2020

Way Station, Inc Sykesville, MD

Sykesville, MD
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*For the fastest consideration of your application, please complete your applicationin fullprior to submitting!Nature of WorkThis is a management position offered by Way Station, Inc

, requiring general and specific knowledge of mental health and community programming methods

Primary responsibility is to direct the delivery of services for Way Station participants

The job involves the development, coordination, supervision, administration and evaluation of a residential rehabilitation team

This is a salaried position

The Residential Rehabilitation Team Coordinator is expected through training and experience to exercise independent judgment with the supervision of the Manager of Residential Services

Position Requirements: Knowledge, Abilities and Skills*Knowledge of current theories of contributing factors in and effects of mental illness and knowledge of psychosocial rehab concepts

*Ability to communicate Way Station's mission to the community through frequent interactions with neighbors, landlords, and business people, etc

*Knowledge of current effective approaches being used to assist persons with mental illness and skills in facilitating community integration

*Ability to establish and maintain empowering, trusting relationships with WSI clients and their families

*Ability to supervise, train and consult with staff

*Ability to provide leadership

*Ability to conduct group meeting with clients, staff and significant others to facilitate problem solving

*Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing

*Ability to perform individual assessment, planning and implementation in both structured and unstructured settings

*Ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team

*Skill in time management and organization of job activities

*Ability to guide effectively the assessment of member service needs and organize appropriate interventions in a wide range of staff and member interactional situations

*Willingness and ability to examine ones own behavior, feelings, and attitudes to facilitate a productive relationship with clients and staff

*Ability to assess residential environments for health, safety, security, organization and homelike atmosphere

*Ability to assist in the development of budget and implement and monitor necessary systems to maintain budget goals

*Knowledge of the roles and scopes of practice of nurses and social workers

*Ability to develop and maintain daily structures in clients residences

*Ability to maintain appropriate boundaries and to take corrective action when needed

*Skills in word processing and ability to learn computer skills

*Be able and willing to handle after hours, overnight, and weekend crisesPosition Requirements: Education and Experience*Possession of a bachelors degree in related field or an associates degree and work experience which uniquely qualifies the individual for the job

*Two-year positively referenced relevant work experience

*Valid driver's license or alternative transportation plan

*Must be covered under an active auto insurance policy and a valid copy of auto insurance is required prior to hire

Conditions of EmploymentEmployee must be able to perform the duties of the job description as verified by a physician's statement and the employee's health statement

Duties*Assure a safe work environment in designated work areas

*Specific areas of program responsibility include: resource management and WSI Residential Services

*Participate in IRP process as needed

*Insure completion of the work of the RRT for which Coordinator is responsible, engaging WS clients to the greatest degree possible in the process

*Promote effective relationships among clients, families, and service providers

*Support Way Station's management structure through effective and appropriate use of the organizational structure and the roles assigned to its' managers

Provide a line of communication between senior management and direct service staff

Know what information is to be shared when, and be able and willing to enforce new policies or decisions

*Develop, and manage and evaluate financial transactions of the designated program area

Review and approve Wal-Mart receipts

*Generate and analyze program utilization information and incorporate conclusions into program planning process

Ensure members' needs are being met in relation to case rate requirements

Communicate case rate numbers regularly to manager of RRP

*Insure smooth day-to-day operation of program activities and service delivery to clients

Provide services to clients as needed or required

*Assess, coordinate, and implement service planning needs of clients assigned to designated program area and accept bottom line responsibility for provision of their health/resource management service

*Ensure coordinated services to WS clients through effective interface with various program components and with external service providers

*Assume bottom line responsibility for health, safety, security, organization, and positive atmosphere in assigned facilities

*Coordinate planning for organization-wide and program-wide celebrations as assigned

*Participate as a trainer in the inservice schedule as needed and assigned

*Interview and make recommendations for hiring new staff

Provide orientation, training, ongoing supervision and evaluation of assigned staff on the team

Assist staff with plans to enhance professional growth, including external and internal training and education

Ensure all necessary hiring and initial orientation paperwork is completed and turned in

*Supervise and direct activity of facilitators and students assigned to the RRT, including development of staff schedule

*Participate in facility inspections and act as liaison with Property Management staff for the maintenance of all facilities on the team

Conduct pre-inspections prior to inspection date; document inspections, and provide feedback to clients and staff

*Coordinate the move in/move out process for all clients in WSI Residential Services on the team, assuring all necessary paperwork is completed

Ensure keys are given out/returned, documentation completed

Provide physical assistance with moves if needed

Meet with potential new clients to assess readiness for program

*Ensure the occurrence and completion of Safety Scenario and Fire Drills and the documentation thereof

*Provide leadership at all team meetings, such as morning planning meeting

Assure maintenance of all daily team meeting minutes

*Provide face-to-face skill teaching, problem-solving, and support to clients

*Be available to address client concerns as they arise on any given day, i


resource management, appointments, transportation, skills teaching, entitlements coordination, member debt, money management, etc

crisis interventions*Act as liaison with the Club and ensure effective collaboration between the Club and RRT programs

Assist Club staff with ensuring all clients who attend Day Program activities are billed for

Provide assistance for Club staff when required

*Ensure regular team activities occur, i


house meetings, grocery shopping's, medication monitoring

Responsible for deployment of team facilitators

*Maintain minutes of all Housing Meetings for the team

*Orient new clients to the Team

*Be able and willing to perform all of the duties of an RRT Facilitator

*Monitor Cardex system for team; ensure implementation and maintenance of this system

*Provide bottom line responsibility for timely and accurate documentation for the team, i


daily progress notes and monthly summary notes

Review and track monthly notes, assist staff with learning program and writing notes as needed