Senior Community Health Program Representative

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POST DATE 2/13/2020
END DATE 3/1/2020

University of California - Los Angeles Medical Centers Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA
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In thenUCLA CARE Center s AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, develop and implement ancomprehensive community engagement strategy, conduct outreach, healthnpromotion, recruitment, and retention activities for assigned clinical researchntrials. This position will be under the immediate supervision of the CTUnOperations Manager, and the Principal Investigator. Promote the CAREnCenter s clinical research trials as assigned, to community physicians, healthncare providers, potential study candidates, community-based organizations,nresearch organizations, the UCLA community, and other locations or groups withnpersons at risk for acquiring HIV. Provide verbal and written analyses ofnissues that inhibit or limit participation or access to the UCLA clinicalnresearch trials and implement plans to increase enrollment. Developnrapport with enrolled participants to ensure compliance and retention in thenprotocols. Position requires attendance at some evening and weekendnmeetings/events. Qualifications

Required:nKnowledge in pathogenesis, symptoms, and treatment of HIV and related diseasesnas well as familiarity with HIV prevention. Knowledge of epidemiology ofnHIV transmission. Knowledge of HIV related research, patient care, and professionalnmedical education. Ability to maintain an empowering attitude toward people withnHIV/AIDS. Ability to maintain confidentiality with clients at allntimes. Ability to access targeted populations and effectively implement anplan for disseminating information about CARE Center Clinical Trials. Abilitynwork with diverse populations. Able to coordinate groups from differentnbackgrounds and the ability to work toward consensus building while respectingnthe diversity of opinions and views. Ability to communicate with patients,nstaff and CARE Center collaborators in an effective and articulatenmanner. Ability to participate in outreach education endeavors at an MDnoffice or clinic, large events or 1-on-1 engagement. Established skills innpublic speaking to large groups. Ability to make formal written and oralnpresentations. Demonstrated leadership skills, and ability to worknindependently. Ability work with diverse populations. Able toncoordinate groups from different backgrounds and the ability to work towardnconsensus building while respecting the diversity of opinions and views. Abilitynto understand and work within a mandated regulatory environment and assure thatnyou and others are able to follow the regulatory requirements, CRSs, andnprotocols. Skill in time management, prioritization and overallnorganization. Takes initiative to identify and complete tasks that arenneeded but are not directly assigned. Ability to participate in outreachneducation endeavors at an MD office, clinic, large events or 1-on-1nengagement. Skill in time management, prioritization and overall organization. Establishednskills in public speaking to large groups. Ability to establish and maintainngood working relationships with UCLA staff and outsidencollaborators/stakeholders. Ability to organize and coordinate meetings tonbenefit patients and staff regarding HIV/AIDS related treatments. Abilitynto access targeted populations and effectively implement a plan forndisseminating information about CARE Center Clinical Trials. Daily accessnto or ownership of a personal vehicle for travel to meetings and events throughoutnLos Angeles County. Ability to work some evenings and weekends.

Preferred:nAbility to assess specific details of patient clinical trial eligibility.nBilingual in English and Spanish.

UCLA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.